Wednesday, May 6, 2009

W.A.S.T.E. : Violent Delights [2007]

01 Violent Delights (6:04)
02 Man Made Death Machine (5:53)
03 Left 'em Bleeding In The Moonlight (5:51)
04 Unconventional Punishment (5:30)
05 Suburban Crime Scene (6:17)
06 Omega 3 (To Mega Therion Remix) (5:11)
07 I Don't Give A Fuck (Terrorfakt Remix) (4:36)
08 Electric Beat Down Bitch (Embodi Remix) (5:01)
09 Omega 3 (Asche Remix) (4:44)
10 Electric Beat Down Bitch (Tonikom Remix) (4:17)
33 Untitled (5:40)

"The rhythmic noize project comprised of duo Shane Englefield and Theo Harper, was established in 2003 and quickly gained a small cult following around the Los Angeles area. Their debut performance at the legendary industrial club Das Bunker, in which they opened for noize icons Converter, solidified their popularity within the Los Angeles industrial scene... W.A.S.T.E makes powernoize and industrial that is loud as hell and could be labelled as a heavyweight Converter. W.A.S.T.E however is not as intricate as Converter sometimes can be as well, with W.A.S.T.E it is a merciless orgy of beats, somehing they have in common with Terrorfakt and Manufactura. This CD from W.A.S.T.E is an all crushing attack on the ears... This is definitely no music for the faint of heart." >

Along with To Mega Therion, this outfit is one of the harshest, hardest, most violent power noise acts today. No wonder since Shane Englefield (aka Vuxnut) is also a member of To Mega Therion and this album is produced by To Mega Therion's mastermind Tyler Viscerine.  [sk@ds]

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