Monday, March 7, 2011

Svartsinn : Elegies For The End (2 x CD) [2009]

The 4th album by Norwegian dark ambient act, Svartsinn, shows a more melodic yet rather obscure side of the artist. 2009 is the 10th year of Svartsinn's existence and it has inspired Pettersen to try a different approach and to experiment with some new ideas. This new musical journey deals with sadness and melancholy, about not knowing one's place in this vast and at times uninviting world, how it can become a daily torment to not be able to find one's reason to exist. And it's also about finding one's personal path, finding ways to endure and hopefully transcend these engulfing life challenges.

The Double CD includes a unique collaboration track with Dahlia's Tear and a 10 years anniversary bonus disc containing exclusive remixes by Triarii, Kammarheit, Letum, Life Toward Twilight, Gustaf Hildebrand, Tenebrious, New Risen Throne, MGriffin, Visions and Hovmod. All acts giving very interesting perspectives on some of Svartsinn's previously released tracks, making this second disc a very special homage to the singular world of Svartsinn.

1-1 Vemod 15:26
1-2 September Dirge 6:18
1-3 And Time Will Erase 6:58
1-4 Torchbearer, Kill The Light 6:00
2-1 Lost In Reveries (Reconstructed By Triarii) 7:00
2-2 Traces Of Nothingness (Kammarheit Mix) 5:32
2-3 Livredd (Letum Mix) 8:27
2-4 All The Colours Are Fading (Life Toward Twilight Mix) 4:31
2-5 Lost In Reveries (Gustaf Hildebrand Mix) 6:52
2-6 Wasteland Corridors (Tenebrious Mix) 5:16
2-7 As A Black Stone Monument (New Risen Throne Mix) 7:32
2-8 But The Fire Burns No More (M. Griffin Mix) 7:56
2-9 Misanthropic Odyssey (Visions Mix) 11:13
2-10 No Passage To The Innermost (Hovmod Mix) 7:20


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