Saturday, March 12, 2011

Heimatærde : Gotteskrieger [2005]

With Its sinister blend of massive electro and unusual instruments like bagpipes and cymbals, Heimataerde garnered massive attention from fans and reviewers alike. At loss for a fitting description of Heimataerde‘s music, the press invented the term medieval-electro. However, the world of the crusades as envisioned by the project has nothing to do with the atmosphere of jesters and merry medieval fairs. Heimataerde summons a pantheon of undead, templars and fanatics, the skeletal armies marching in Breughel’s “The Triumph of Death”, and histories dark warriors, committing any crime that they think suitable to further their aims. Ashlar von Megalon is the narrator who leads us through this hellish scenario.


01 Non Nobis 2:16
02 Die Offenbarung 4:06
03 Endlos 5:31
04 Du Fehlst Mir 4:49
05 Gott Ist Mit Uns 5:13
06 Deus Lo Vult 4:57
07 Moerder 4:08
08 Immortals 5:25
09 Die Læuterung 4:06
10 Gib Mir 3:28
11 Ich Hab Die Nacht Getræumet 4:03
12 Wiedergænger 4:48
13 Gibt Es Wirklich Einen Gott 4:49
14 In Nomine Domine 2:20

"Gott mit Uns..."


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