Monday, March 14, 2011

New Risen Throne : Along Endless Path Of Emptiness [2004]

Hard to guess what exactly the theme is to this album but it seems to be about being alone on a path in the woods. Album artwork and track titles would indicate coming across a graveyard and some eerie people.
Would makes this dark ambient album stick out is the percussion... There is a lot of times when a slam or sound will be used and you can't quite tell if it was in the track or something from the other room.
Another creepy [dark] ambient album from New Risen Throne.

1 Reunion 12:03
2 Locust Embrace 11:43
3 Path Of Emptiness (I) 9:59
4 Withered 7:57
5 Descent 13:19
6 Path Of Emptiness (II) 10:59

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