Sunday, March 13, 2011

Prometheus Burning : nBoyde raRepi [2007]

A few words should be said about Prometheus Burning itself. It is a female fronted duo (Greg VanEck & Nikki Telladictorian), based in Pittsburgh. Their music presents a mixture of complex rhythms, synthlines, noisy percussion, manifold glitches’n’scratches and vocal structures – sure it is not really easy to describe in a few words all the elements featured in their music.
As “Beyond Repair” was a very personal album for both musicians, each track on “nBoyde raRepi” seems to contain a mix of two personalities – a personality of Prometheus Burning and an artist that took on the task to remix this or that track. As a result, “nBoyde raRepi” turned out to be (or better to say stayed?) chaotic, hard-edged, heavy, insane and in a way personal. Probably the whole album can be called a kind of anagram: we listen to the versions and recognise certain tracks in them.

01 Battery Drain 4:39
02 Some Things Are Meant To Stay Broken [Hypofixx Remix] 7:44
03 Deanimate [Abelcain Remix] 4:02
04 Significantly Altered [Iszoloscope Remix] 6:39
05 Beyond Repair [Suicide Inside Remix] 4:42
06 Some Things Are Meant To Stay Significantly Altered [Scrap.edx Remix] 7:28
07 Beyond Repair [Xanopticon Remix] 4:23
08 Squelch [Edgey Remix] 5:53
09 For Every Action There Is A Reaction [Endif Remix] 3:16
10 Squelch [Mc Arra Remix By Proyecto Mirage] 4:41
11 Significantly Altered [Atomhead Remix] 4:59
12 Some Things Are Meant To Stay Broken [Fanny Remix] 3:30
13 When The Past Becomes Present [Bombardier Remix] 5:42

>>DOWNLOAD: Part1 | Part2
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