Thursday, March 17, 2011

Asbaar : Vita Mutatur Non Tollitur [2010]

ASBAAR is a meeting with our ancestors who speak to us in our dreams, and teach us how to run our lives, everything that lies between the energies that move the world. To hear is to connect with our collective conscience, irrational consciousness that unites all living things together with all the energy that moves the universe. ASBAAR is the side project by Marc Merinee from ELDAR, this road experience with environmental sounds, industrial or daily, combined with all religious and philosophical concept mystic, seeking a state of mind open to perceive all the nuances of our inner and come to understand and to internalize our environment and our ideas, wrapping us in soundscapes that will help us create our own space and our own conclusions.

01 Cogitatio 7:14
02 Giot 2:20
03 Categoremata 7:35
04 Terema 2:05
05 Fruitio 7:10
06 Urtio 3:17
07 Noluntas 6:29
08 Lunos 1:27
09 Quidditas 4:56
10 Ditas 1:37

Dark ambient side-project by Spain's Eldar...

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