Monday, March 7, 2011

Allseits : Hel [2009]

Already active with different projects as All Sides and recent live member of Troum, Nina Kernicke is releasing her first full length Allseits album on Cyclic Law. HEL is the title of the CD and it is a sort of concept album based on the Norse tradition and describe the the voyage through hell....
Musically most of the tracks remember me something of Lustmord or Inanna and I think that this isn't a bad thing as Nina is proposing her personal version of those kind of sounds using drones, filtered rhythms here and there as well as strings. I enjoyed this album and I found its atmosphere intriguing and involving. Check it!

A Cyclic Law release

01.Yggdrasil 06:44
02.Gjöll 08:01
03.Modgudr 06:47
04.Garm 09:02
05.Fjalar 07:45
06.Hel 06:12

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