Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Suicide Commando : God Is In The Rain [2010] | FLAC

Suicide Commando release "God is in the rain" as extra single taken from the new album. The single not only hold 2 completely new and exclusive versions of the "God is in the rain" song by Suicide Commando, but also contain 2 exclusive remixes from :Wumpscut: and The synthetic Dream Foundation. It also holds 2 previously unreleased songs (one of them being a rare version of the pre "Mindstrip" period in 1999).

Genre: Electro-Industrial
Country: Belgium
Released: 23 Feb 2010
Label: Metropolis
Audio: FLAC

1. God Is In The Rain (Book Of Lies V1.0)
2. God Is In The Rain (Book Of Lies V2.0 — Club Mix)
3. Infliction Of Pain
4. God Is In The Rain (Wumpscut Remix)
5. God Is In The Rain (The Synthetic Dream Foundation Remix)
6. White Lines White Lies (Demo)

>>DOWNLOAD: Part1 | Part2
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