Sunday, March 6, 2011

Prometheus Burning : Displacement Disorder [2010]

Nearly two years since their visionary and mythology drenched
Crunch Pod release "Plague called huMANity", the female fronted
Electro-Industrial duo Prometheus Burning returns to unleash
their latest sonic nightmare "Displacement Disorder".

While sonically unique and disturbingly intense, Displacement
Disorder will be easily accessible to any fan of Dark Electronic
and Industrial music.

Disc One - Prometheus Burning - Displacement Disorder
01. Violator [v2]
02. Suffering in Silence
03. Mindbenders
04. Anonymous Death Threats
05. Unpleasant Presence
06. Flesh Addict
07. Victim Complex
08. Left Hand Down
09. The Ultimate Evil
10. Violator [remixed by Imminent]
11. October [bonus track]

Disk Two - Four Pi Movement - Murder In The RAW
01. Raining Ashes
02. Banishing Ritual
03. Flying Goat Eye
04. Gathering
05. The Shadow People Take Control
06. No One Can Hear You
07. Hairline Trigger
08. Without Reason or Justification
09. CrazyGeorgeDotCom
10. Black Essence
11. Exiting the Spiral
12. The Beast Growls
13. The Bishop, The Duke, The Magistrate, The President [bonus track]

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