Sunday, March 6, 2011

Iszoloscope : The Edge Of Certainty [2010]

One aspect of “The Edge of Certainty” that really does stand out, though, is a detached, almost clinical, precision: the mechanical aspect of the sound comes to the fore in the form of heavy dependence on sampled noise and machine-like drumming. Paradoxically, this serves to heighten the human element, as well – melodies and bass lines are highlighted in a weird biological/organic chiaroscuro. Ethereal choral elements on “In the Face of Descent” and nursery music box chimes on “Inseparable from the Void” are great examples of this, a no-man’s-land forming the shifting boundary between the creative impulse of music composition and the structured, mechanical process of sequencing hard-hitting industrial rhythms.
In summation: “The Edge of Certainty” is not as wildly noisy as Ah Cama-Sotz, nor as blatantly aggressive as Converter; not as unconstrained as Winterkälte, nor as atmosphere-driven as Mono No Aware. But it shares common ground with all of these, just refined and distilled into an album that is as much music as it is therapy. Truly, a really impressive album that supercedes the standard view of industrial music by the simple expedient of adding intelligent content over mere offensiveness.


1 First Transcendental Component (Featuring Norad) 8:30
2 Flatline Receiver 6:35
3 The Edge Of Certainty 5:44
4 Second Transcendental Component 5:28
5 In The Face Of Descent 7:04
6 When All You See Is Light 6:58
7 L'Imaginaire De La Fin 6:31
8 Inseparable From The Void 6:09
9 Third Transcendental Component 7:52



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