Friday, March 4, 2011

Iszoloscope + Antigen Shift : The Blood Dimmed Tide [2002]

Seeing how these two artists live in the same hometown, are good friends in real life, and both create rhythmic noise with their music... it was no surprise that they got together to do a collaboration split. Track 1, which is an intro, is both artists working together while track 2 is just Antigen Shift and track 3 would be Iszoloscope. The method works well and even though its two different artists here, they blend the theme of the CD well. If you are a fan of either project then you know you can expect some crunchy noise with a bunch of samples thrown in. Definitley my favorite 3" CD that I own... I hope these 2 collaborate again someday.

1 Iszoloscope + Antigen Shift - All Started With The Second Death 2:19
2 Antigen Shift - It Drowned The Ceremony Of Innocences 7:59
3 Iszoloscope - Then Came The Blood Dimmed Tide 10:35


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