Tuesday, July 10, 2012

This Morn' Omina : 7 Years Of Famine [2002]

Mika of This Morn' Omina unleashes seven powerful compositions that prove to be not only his best work to date, but by far one the strongest and most significant releases of this year in general. I am always overwhelmed by the amount of great innovative directions many musicians have presented over the years, and it becomes increasingly hard to find ones as groundbreaking. The list is getting bigger every year, as I explore so many diverse styles of electronic music. This Morn' Omina is another genius musician that encapsulates a very unique sound that will forever remain their own. 7 years of famine takes us into a highly visual aurora of darkness, aggression, pain, and contentment through the means of lost and forgotten tribal styles of the past as well as present-day hypnotic trance and dark atmospheres.

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1 The Other Side 12:25
2 One-Eyed Man 5:30
3 The Burning Hand 11:56
4 Les Signes Dans Le Désert 12:00
5 (The) Fires Within 7:10
6 Currents 12:04
7 Monad 12:47

Artwork By [Sleeve] Grimnir
Mastered By Mika, TC, Uroman

Limited to 500 copies. In oversize color slipcase.
Mastered at Atomic Studios.

Power Noise | Power Electronics | Martial Industrial | Dark Ambient | Industrial Ambient