Sunday, July 8, 2012

Exocet : Consequence [2011]

Exocet was launched in 2008 by the versatile labelfounder/producer/dj René Klimaczewski (aka Klima). He is known to insiders especially for his collaboration with the esteemed Architect.

Take a stick of chalk, snap it in two, grind the pieces against one another until they're a fine powder. Next, throw it up in the air, now walk through it. Feel the finite particles coat your skin and creep down your throat with a burning urgency. Get in your cart and enter the mines, you're listening to the latest album from Klima's vicious project Exocet.

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Observe the rotted out timbers propping up sagging formations of rock blasted out with crude brutality, you'll see jackhammers of electronic teeth gnawing at them, further refining their composition while taking chunks out of the support beams. Better hope you can eject quickly and run when the cave in comes, because with work like this slashing and burning through the scenery it won't be long in arriving. These beats are like angular, unsympathetic steel girders crashing down all around; sometimes they clip you and rip out a bit of flesh. The price one pays, I suppose. Caustic industrial processing is going on here, each song (if you can call them that) is anchored by distortion and forged out of providence's darker urges.

01 Work Don't Stop 4:51
02 Bad Taste 5:39
03 Terrifying Consequences 5:07
04 Drops Of Blood 4:52
05 Break Away 5:22
06 Good Night 5:47
07 Drugs And Balance 5:03
08 Strange Influence 5:12
09 I Can Feel It 4:31
10 No U Turn 3:00
11 Playground 5:00
12 Like A Viper 4:52


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