Thursday, July 5, 2012

Herbst9 : Ušumgal Kalamma [2011]

It’s difficult for me to accurately express my tremendous admiration for this project. Herbst9 are one of the few remaining envoys of communication from civilisations past, carrying into the 21st century a musical dedication and interpretation of the true tenets and beliefs of Sumer. Since the genesis of this enterprise, Henry Emich and Frank Merten have never faltered in producing some of the finest works the ritual ambient genre has ever seen. Ušumgal Kalamma [Dragon of the Land] is no different and this time round we are greeted with a full double album of original material to close the Mesopotamian trilogy that started with “Buried Under Time and Sand”.

I have no reservation in saying that Ušumgal Kalamma is the finest of the three albums: it’s a refined, mature and reverential gift to the present day, born from unending research, respect and fascination for the past. But unlike others who use ancient civilisation purely as an inspiration, Hersbt9 seems to have been birthed directly from it. There is something so genuine and unquestionably sincere about this project which makes the orthodoxy of its sound so effective and compelling.

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Ušumgal Kalamma (58:47)
1-1 She Filled The Wells Of The Land With Blood 9:43
1-2 Napissunu Mutumma 15:38
1-3 Ludlul Bel Nemeqi 6:40
1-4 Birds Of Sorrow Are Building Nests On These Flanks 6:05
1-5 Ušumgal Kalamma 7:29
1-6 A Sacred Dwelling 3:57
1-7 Ereškigal, Rise From Your Throne 9:13

Edimgal Kalamma (54:04)
2-1 Kima Šuškalli Ukattimanni Šittu 6:40
2-2 Ilam-Pilah 7:03
2-3 Ningirsu Ušumgal 4:51
2-4 The Sage Lord Ašimbabbar 7:21
2-5 Mutum Kima Imbari Izannun Elišum 9:51
2-6 Ašar Tallaki Ittiki Lullik 8:12
2-7 The Great Child Of Suen 10:02


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