Thursday, March 3, 2011

Converter : Shock Front [1999]

the music itself is completely unique. distorted percussion, cracking torn synths, harsh noisy beats that sound like overprocessed guitar, harsh white noise, pulsating dark beats, ripping breakbeats, torn drilling noises. the unique constantly changing mixture. from machine ambience filled with white noise to crushing exploding barbaric rhythms. the track might start with dark chilling emptiness and stay like that for 5-6 minutes before it explodes into 2-minute chaos. some beats are unexpectedly torn and broken, reversed and smashed against your face; some stay with you throughout the track, others appear once for a second and leave you wondering if you really heard them. every track is a journey in itself and you never know how and where it will end.

"shock front" is one of the most futuristic releases in its vision of the future


Label: Ant-Zen
Catalog#: act 83
Country: US
Released: November 22,1999
Genre: Power Noise, Industrial
Audio: FLAC (tracks +.cue)

01 Conqueror (8:05)
02 Shock Front (7:15)
03 Cannibals (5:00)
04 Spirit Shield (6:24)
05 Coma (6:12)
06 Sacrifice (8:13)
07 Memory-Trace (9:23)
08 Deadman (Perdition) (4:38)
09 Denogginizer (11:40)
10 Sadist (3:19)

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