Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Phragments : The Burning World [2007]

Slovakia's answer to martial industrial....

1 Non Serviam (4:00)
2 Fireseed (6:28)
3 Antichristos (10:30)
4 Ceremony Of Light (6:08)
5 Song For The Burning World (6:04)
6 Le Marche Des Machines (4:56)
7 Remember (6:20)

"Phragments introduce a strikingly good martial industrial sound that consists of industrial sounds, ritual percussion and organic neoclassical sounds, such as for instance the violin and dramatic sounding sampled choirs. The sound holds the middle between an atmosphere that is ritual-industrial and a more bombastic orchestral sound, with in each track a different balance."

DOWNLOAD : Burning World

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