Sunday, August 10, 2008

S:cage : Madness Turns To Glass [2006]

01 Madness (13:37)
02 Vapour (6:04)
03 Collapsing Breath (6:09)
04 Gone (Undone) (5:36)
05 Inside This (5:32)
06 Surfaces (9:14)
07 Intrusion (5:31)
08 Sprawling, Endless Cities (3:36)
09 Hideous Out Loud (5:07)
10 Glass (6:25)

"S:Cage, or Splinter cage, is a project of Stephen Seto. This is the second release on the Ant-Zen label and his music can best be described as a caleidoscopic dark ambient sound experience in which beats in all sorts and variations are combined with melodic synthesizer melodies, to which the rhythm patterns are constantly changing and do not only support the beats. Another nice part are the manipulated voices integrated in the music... Dreamy sounds, and even some piano, create a soundscape that is constantly rudely disturbed by fast rhythmic assaults. The music of S:Cage is futuristic and post-apocalyptic in atmosphere."

DOWNLOAD : part1 | part2
PASSWORD : niceolum
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