Friday, August 1, 2008

Anenzephalia : Ephemeral Dawn [1996]

01 Beneath The Shroud (5:02)
02 Regime (4:57)
03 Kachexie (4:11)
Computer [Auxilium] - M3/r
04 Infernal Wake (7:24)
05 Thaum (4:49)
Computer [Auxilium] - T/Newton
06 Abiding Broadcast Contamination (5:34)
07 Genealogy Of Disease (5:54)
08 Liebombast (5:11)
09 Schockwelle: Krisis (7:24)
10 Ultra Fear Perception (5:16)
11 Coroners Eyes (Global Obsequies) (8:23)
Computer [Auxilium] - Heresiarch

"The music on this album is dense, dark throbbing music from beneath the surface with great restrained frustration, subliminal pulses giving you an uneasy sensation. Their music is slowly penetrating your subconsciousness where their rumbling sounds are nestling inside and numbing your brain. Slow repetitive churning drones and loops with great tense. Throbbing pulsations and squeaking subversive noise. The monotonous mesmerizing effect will hypnotize you while you are listening in fascination to this deep dark cold sounds.
The music sounds distant with echoing, distorted vocals and subtle rhythmic loops. Subcutaneous fields of tension grasping your senses. Each track confronts you with the sickness of mankind and their lust to unrelenting power abuse."

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