Friday, August 8, 2008

Iszoloscope | Ebola [2004] Split CD

1 Iszoloscope Le Méchanisme Du Hobereau (11:47)
2 Iszoloscope Sighs National Park (5:36)
3 Iszoloscope In The Other Mind Of Us (Opened-Mix) (5:47)
4 Ebola Cut Off (7:34)
5 Ebola Convert (6:50)
6 Ebola Klikass (5:34)

"A really good split that throws two artists together that are in the same music genre, but carry out their methods much different. First up is Iszoloscope, who does rhythmic noise with plenty of drum work and percussion thrown in.
Ebola's tracks are quite interesting... and while I know next to nothing about this artist i'll try to do him justice with this. Ebola's 3 tracks use a lot of distorted sounds to build noisey, crunchy tracks. All in all a really good listen."

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