Sunday, July 31, 2016

V/A : Forms of Hands 2016 [2016]

TITLE....... Forms of Hands 2016
STYLE...... Rhythmic Noise, Industrial
LABEL...... Hands Productions
QUALITY.... VBR kbps/Joint-Stereo
01 Phasenmensch - Zeit und Ewigkeit 05:35 
02 Morbus M. - Read the Meter  05:20 
03 Trackologists - Suicide with Plastic Gun 04:26 
(Sixteen Shots)   
04 Wieloryb  - Veneto 04:47 
05 Proyecto Mirage - 1747 06:29 
06 Nullvektor - Always Alone 04:53 
07 Monolith - the Grim Reaper 03:22 
08 Cacophoneuses - Disorder 04:04 
09 Le Moderniste - the Advent of Asag 05:09 
(in Aliquem Mortuum Infundere Spiritum)
10 16Pad Noise Terrorist - Gefahrlich  03:23 
11 Talvekoidik - Jerusalem 06:27 
12 Ms Gentur - More Human  04:47 
13 End.User - When Faith Wasn't Enough 04:48 
14 Mono No Aware - Handstep 03:55 
In April 2016 the success story of FORMS OF HANDS is continued, a
new chapter added. The family enjoys this globally unique label  
festival - and its accompanying compilation CD spreads the gospel
beyond the confines of the B÷nen shaft tower.

Filled to the brim with 14 artists, 14 tracks, all exclusive, all
HANDS: WIELORYB (crackling industrial rhythms), LE MODERNISTE    
(noisy and black) and MORBUS M. (dystopian downbeats) present the
sound of their simultaneously released full length albums, as    
well as the newcomer project TRACKOLOGISTS with an electro style 
remix and breakcore veteran END.USER. Also featured is a vibrant 
technoid tune by PHASENMENSCH, the tender ambient of TALVEKOIDIK,
the industrial dub tech of MONOLITH, the darkstep of 16PAD NOISE 
TERRORIST and rhythm 'n' noise mayhem by CACOPHONEUSES, MS GENTUR  
and MONO NO AWARE. PROYECTO MIRAGE contribute a surprising odd   
track out, fuzzy and atmospheric with the beats tuned down, and  
NULLVEKTOR really takes the biscuit with his analogue electro    
industrial track and a stunning vocal performance. Again, this is
an encyclopaedic account of what HANDS is currently up to, and as
such a mirror of the post-industrial genre in general.

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