Sunday, July 3, 2016

Anenzephalia : Kaltwelt [2012]

Artist: Anenzephalia
Title:  Kaltwelt.
Year: 2012    
Label: Tesco Organisation/TESCO 089
Genre: Industrial, Death Industrial
Quality: 256 kbps

1. Stahlmessias II - 07:08
2. Frostschrae - 04:29
3. Nihilist's Sermon - 05:12
4. Aes - 06:03
5. Bodies Of Gold - 05:26
6. Mind Kalvary - 06:50
7. Saefe - 03:32
8. Paradies - 04:49
9. Kaltwelt - 04:51

Anenzephalia have been around for quite some time now, and Michel Keck of Genocide Organ fame has clearly brokered a strange project for me to engorge myself with. Kaltwelt is a highly diverse creation that manages to both evolve and devolve over the 50 minutes of time that it occupies. The album is steeped in a highly caustic atmosphere that reeks of death and dystopia.  The use and abuse of distorted vocals over a myriad of different shapes and sounds gives this album a rather exquisite sound that is far from easily absorbed by the common industrial noise connoisseur. Over the entirety of the album, the rhythm and structure evolves continuously. In the opening chapter, we encounter the dystopian celebration of “Stahlmessias II”, whose intricate mix of hauntingly distant vocals, irregular chimes and pulsating beats summon a genuinely disturbing atmosphere. “Frostschrae” delivers a howling, agonising mechanical background over odd tape-recorded voices speaking of barbed wire and the void. “Nihilist’s Sermon” brings out the worst of the more serene with a slow vibrating lull and more of the heavily distorted voices that call for the listener to pay attention to their sinister message.

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