Friday, June 12, 2009

Vestigial : Translucent Communion [2008] | FLAC

1. Anthropic Uncreation (5:16)
2. The Coming (7:13)
3. The Geometry (8:48)
4. The Void (8:51)
5. Primordial Communication (9:58)
6. Anthropic Resonance (7:07)

Reviews: Having developed a strong cult following with their limited CD-R, a split LP, and compilation works, Vestigial (Italy) come forth with their debut CD poised to establish themselves among the dark ambient elite. The Translucent Communion — a reflection of the hollow and imaginary archetype of our civilization , a blackened view on the humanity falling into a perfect nothingness of technocratic illusions, a refined and well designed disharmony for our next generation. 6 tracks that arise from the shadows, then spread and sweep across a barren, wind swept landscape, creating a sound so thick and texturally deep it swallows the earth like a venomous fog. Comparisons to Raison D'Être, Lustmord and Bad Sector are reference points, but only hint at the massive potential of Vestigial.

>>DOWNLOAD: part1 | part2 | part3


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