Friday, June 19, 2009

Negru Voda : Våld De Luxe Promo Appetizer [2009]

01 Kompressor (Edit)
02 The Taste Of Islay (Uncleaned)
03 Analog Highland Inferno (Edit)
04 Silent Force Entry (Bomb The Day Remix)
05 Claustrophobic Hangover
06 Indians Can Karate, Machen?
07 Untitled (Live)

Exactly as the title suggests....a tasty aperitif to wet the palate until
the Vσld de Luxe 3CD boxset arrives later in the year. The ingredients
include exclusive edits and remixes of 5 tracks that will appear on the
3CDs, one exclusive bonus track, and one exclusive live track totaling
over 35 minutes!


>>DOWNLOAD : Våld De Luxe

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