Friday, February 6, 2009

Synapscape : Again [2009]

01 Death Wish Head Fish (4:41)
02 Who Painted My Cat Black (3:51)
03 Stuck (3:08)
04 Countercroque (4:46)
05 Ahuenna! (4:20)
06 Ring The Bell (4:38)
07 Aftermath (4:06)
08 Alone (4:27)
09 Requirement (4:33)
10 Time (3:38)
11 Purge (4:31)
12 Freefall (5:04)
13 Core (4:57)

The dynamic duo from Bielefeld is back - one and a half years
after 'Now', Tim Kniep and Philipp Münch present another full
dose of massive electronics for the mind and body.
Tracks like '
Who Painted My Cat Black' and 'Stuck' keep up
Synapscape's aural trademark: heavyweight interlaced
polyrhythms, distorted textures and Tim's non-reversible voice -
an ecstatic mixture evolved to make you move! On 'Countercroque'
or 'Requirement', crystal clear technoid detroit synth lines
meet strictly accentuated beats, disturbing samples and
captivating melodies. The more you listen to this album, the
more details that will be visible. Proper heavy engine!
The fascinating aspect of this project's work (since the
beginning) is their ability to innovate in a genre in which many
participants seem to restrict themselves - despite the countless
amount of technical options. Once 'again' Synapscape assert
their position as one of the most innovative artists of
industrial music today. Ahuenna!
>> Ant-Zen

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