Monday, February 16, 2009

Satori : Kanashibari [2008]

01. Hypnagogic State
02. Nocturnal Fury
03. Unseen Force
04. Entity
05. Paralysis
06. Pavor Nocturnus
07. Threshold Consciousness
08. Kanashibari

CD version of the 2007 album from UK Dark Ambient / Fortean Electronics act Satori - Neil Chaney (Pessary) and Justin Mitchell (Cold Spring boss), originally issued on LP by Dogma Chase, Japan. "Kanashibari" is the Japanese term for sleep paralysis (literally "bound or fastened in metal"). The album explores this phenomena, manipulating Fortean sounds and deep dark ambience. CD version contains a bonus track 'Pavor Nocturnus', not available on the LP version.

Camanecroszcope junior, that's all I can describe about this good release....

>>DOWNLOAD : Kanashibari

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