Sunday, February 15, 2009

Merzbow : Camouflage [2009]

1-1    Coral Reef Color With Red, Pink, Purple And Green (17:48)
1-2    Transparent Man Is Color With Blue And Pink (28:36)
1-3    Cicad Played Under The Arch (20:17)
2-1    Coral Reef Color With Red, Pink, Purple And Green (17:48)
2-2    Transparent Man Is Color With Blue And Pink (28:36)
2-3    Cicad Played Under The Arch (20:17)
2-4    Camouflambience (5.1 Remix) (4:42)

The elemental excitement for each new Merzbow album remains intact among us here and, after four long years, the undisputable master returns to Essence Music with a new installment of his unique brand of harsh psychedelic noise assault.
A bit distant from Sha Mo 3000’s pulsing, often rhythmic strategies or the recent albums featuring freestyle drums by Masami Akita himself, Camouflage plays by the more straight MERZBOW rules, going back to his comfort zone of audio barbarism.
We salute the ferocious torrents of abused, imploding and exploding electronics, the sharp, pulverizing and abrasive high frequencies and the unrelenting punishment of frenzied throbbing machine-screams witnessed in the controlled cacophonic environment of Camouflage!

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