Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Manufactura : Psychogenic Fugue + A Damaged Symphony For Depraved Dementia N.2 [2008]

...this is in some ways indeed the most accessible release from Manufactura. But it is no less dark, probably darker even. Because of the more ‘accessible’ nature, this means it can be somewhat inaccessible for the powernoise only enthusiast. But Manufactura was never about powernoise only. The only part of that genre-title is the word ‘power’ that applies to all his albums, be it a powerful dance track or a powerful emotion in a quieter track.

This also bring that I really want to write something about the tracks, but as most Manufactura albums, this kind of ruins the element of surprise. Since one of the trademarks on Manufactura is diversity; with every track you don’t know which way it is heading towards. And even within the songs there are a lot of times sudden changesI do have favorites, but the album really works as a whole, so you’ll be listening from beginning to end every time. So take my word for it, if you like Manufactura, this release you must have. And if you never heard of Manufactura before, this is also a good place to start.



>>DOWNLOAD : P s y c h o g e n i c

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