Monday, June 20, 2016

Mono-Amine : Ordo Ab Chao [2016]

Title:Ordo Ab Chao
Label:Vendetta Music/VM0070

Genre:Industrial, Rhythmic Noise
Quality:320 kbps

01. The Predatory Elite                           03:02
02. Chaos by Its Definition                      06:25
03. The Future Must Not Be Blindly         06:35
04. Statism Is an Ideology                      06:36
05. Order out of Chaos (Album Mix)        07:09
06. Eleutheromania                               06:26
07. Question Authority                           06:24
08. I Will Lower the Standards of the      05:22
09. If You Are Not Running You Will Not  04:19
10. I Walk in the Shadow of Death          05:38
11. Polluting the Mainstream                  05:52
12. Taking Your Control Away                 04:49
13. Future Is a Concept (Ambient Mix)    04:22

With Ordo Ab Chao, Mono-Amine gives us an album that attacks with strong and continous rhythms in an hand to hand assault that has very few and well-conceived pauses, put only at the beginning and at the end of the album, but also an interesting chain of thoughts about politics. That of Joost isn’t the only case of rhythmic industrial music that talks about social problems through imperative tones (Winterkälte are masters in this practice), and this is the most fascinating element of the genre: a direct linkage between instrumental music characterized by strong rhythmic connotation and a message made of slogans and important statements. A work that doesn’t innovate, but that is particularly worthy of several listening sessions.

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