Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Memmaker : Let There Be Lasers [2016]

Title:Let There Be Lasers
Genre: Industrial, EBM, IDM
Quality:320 Kbps

01. Let There Be Lasers (Intro)
02. Doom Ray
03. Machine
04. Drop The Beat
05. Atomkrig (Dansk Jävlar!)
06. Manipulate
07. Sex With A Robot (Are You Gonna Do It?)
08. Race To Space (Feat. Detroit Diesel)
09. Sunstorm
10. Doom Ray (Remixed By Synapscape)

Memmaker’s 2008 debut How to Enlist in a Robot Uprising felt very necessary at the time of its release. Released just as industrial was emerging from the long shadow of aggrotech and entering a phase of artistic renewal, the collaboration between Iszoloscope’s Yann Faussurier and Guillaume Nadon hit the perfect balance of fun, clubbable bangers and off-kilter humour right as audiences seemed primed for it. Arriving some eight years later, Let There Be Lasers is cut from the same cloth as its predecessor, emphasizing dancefloor thrills to excellent effect. 



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