Friday, January 28, 2011

Monolith Of Doom : Devastation Panorama [2009]

01. Frozen Fields (04:57)
02. Devastation Panorama (05:10)
03. Amplify My Horrors (05:24)
04. All Over My Body (03:36)
05. Death Becomes A Part of it (04:14)
06. Global Warming (06:10)
07. Dark Horizon (05:28)
08. Millenium (04:46)
09. Pregnant of Worms (04:52)
10. From the Void (04:25)
11. Underneath the Surface (04:52)
12. Broken Mind (05:24)
13. Gallery of Terror (04:19)
14. White Noise (04:06)

Young German fellow Tim Kasten seems to have a boring private life. Highly active under his main project [ORGANIC_CAGE], with which he recently signed a deal with the well-known Denver-based Vendetta-Music label, he could investigate enough time to build a side-project, with which he continues his path under the small Soviet Media Kontrol-label. "Devastation Panorama" is of course heavily influenced by Tim’s previous discovered musical experiences and you shouldn't expect a drastic change of direction stylistically. Whereas his main project offers harsh and forward-moving rhythmic Powernoise efforts, he slows down the speed to install more Ambient-related, ominous sounding layers combined with his abrasive rhythm patterns.

These new 14 tracks therefore offer room for some additional experiments of a disruptive rhythm work, which can be combined with his efforts of his main project. If it is really necessary to build this side-project, perhaps it depends on the ear of the listener. "Devastation Panorama" itself is attractively produced enough to convince, while stylistically not too far away from [ORGANIC_CAGE]. Better said, I tend to encourage Tim, not to forget to integrate a noticeable doze of good ideas and moments of this album ("Amplify My Horrors") into the sound environment of his main project at the recording session of the next [ORGANIC_CAGE] album.



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