Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Herbst9 Vs Z'ev : Through Bleak Landscapes [2007]

01 Downward 4:50
Effects [Drones, Effects], Synthesizer : Herbst9 , Z'EV

02 Sector 3214 5:49
Effects [Drones, Effects], Synthesizer : Herbst9,
Percussion, Effects : Z'EV

03 Reinvigorated (Maschinenkult Pt 1) 8:24
Drums, Percussion : Z'EV
Effects [Drones, Effects], Synthesizer : Herbst9

04 Awakening Of The Soulless 4:07
Effects [Drones, Effects], Synthesizer : Herbst9 , Z'EV

05 Steel vs Flesh 4:38
Effects [Drones], Synthesizer : Herbst9
Effects, Percussion : Z'EV

06 Life Crawls Back 5:15
Gong, Effects [Drones] : Herbst9
Percussion [Effects] : Z'EV

07 Through Bleak Landscapes 4:07
Effects [Drones, Effects], Synthesizer : Herbst9 , Z'EV

08 Hypnophobia (Downward Pt 2) 4:32
Effects [Drones, Effects], Synthesizer : Herbst9 , Z'EV

09 Enshrinement (Maschinenkult Pt 2) 5:28
Drums, Percussion : Z'EV
Effects [Drones] : Herbst9

10 Coming Into Power 6:32
Effects [Drones, Effects] : Herbst9
Percussion : Z'EV

 With this stunning collaboration the dark cavernous drones and ethnic-ritual instrumentation of Herbst9 melts with the complex and percussive sounds of industrial pioneer and master of rhythmata Z´ev. Ten tracks of deep spheres and blazing luminescence will propel you into a swirling void of aural effects and demonic resonance. Both projects worked with the raw material of each other while the final mix was made by Herbst9. The result is a sombre and meditative soundtrack constructed with gongs, choral textures, deep vibrating strings and scraping sounds-effects reaching a climax with an outburst of tribalistic sequences and rhythmic percussion. An impressive and gripping journey through bleak landscapes and abandoned places...



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