Friday, June 10, 2016

Worms Of The Earth : Sitra Achra [2015]

Malkuth - The World Dissolves And Reveals Sitra Achra     9:04
Gamaliel - Corrupted Sanctuary Of Fire                            5:47
Gnarled Roots Suspend The Ruined Temple                      7:45
Path Of Samekh                                                             3:43
Thagirion - Mired In A River Of Drowned Bodies                8:26
Path Of Zamradiel                                                           3:34
Satariel - Field Of Apocryphal Monuments                         7:55
Excising The Last Vestiges Of Ahamkara                           6:11
[CLOSING]                                                                     0:36

I ’m not quite sure of where to place Worms Of The Earth’s recent releases in terms of dark ambient history. Yes, Dan Barrett’s last few releases have been a far cry from the band’s early power noise sound, and he’s been using the Venal Flesh side-project to keep a hand in a more aggressive style while exploring tribal industrial and dark ambient under his main moniker with albums like Anāgāmi and Azal’ucel. But as new release Sitra Achra shows, Worms Of The Earth eschew most of the more common formal approaches to dark ambient composition, or, to be blunt, long and slowly shifting or developing tracks. Check the first couple minutes of opening track “Malkuth” for an example: we quickly cycle between plucked strings, industrial gates sliding shut, snippets of mezzo-soprano voice too brief to fully catch, breathy samples, and slithering pads. Any of these component parts might appear in dark ambient as we conventionally use the term, but having them all bloom and circle about within a mix so rapidly produces a uniquely psychedelic effect. In Slaughter Natives might be the handiest comparison to make, but even on slower and more grinding tracks like “Thagirion” Barrett seems to be striking upon a florid mix of sound design and composition all his own, capable of casting the mind off in a myriad of directions distinct from even those Swedish legends. With the previous two WotE releases Barrett successfully experimented with finding a new voice and spirit for the project, but in consolidating that journey with Sitra Achra he has legitimately established himself as a producer in the broader dark music fields (leaving aside specific sub-genres) who simply cannot be overlooked.


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