Monday, July 23, 2012

Lights Of Euphoria : Schwarze Sonne (MCD) [2012]

For more than twenty years, LIGHTS OF EUPHORIA have been true
inovators of the electronic scene. Jimmy Machon and Torben
Schmidt created scene hits such as "Subjection", "Give Me You",
"True Life", "One Nation", "Fading Moments" and "Sleepwalk" while
releaseing six full-length albums and various singles and EPs!
After a break of about five years the band return with their
long-awaited new EP, which will bridge the gap to the upcoming
new album, planned for early 2013. In addition to the title song
"Schwarze Sonne" (which has been remixed here by AIRCRASH BUREAU,
TERROLOKAUST and SHIV-R) you will also find the song "The Saint"
(including a remix by legendary Danish electro act PSYCHOMPOMPS!)
and "Darkest Cave" as well as the massive remake of "Give Me
You", one of the bands' biggest clubsmashers to date! Eight songs
in total and a welcome comeback for LIGHTS OF EUPHORIA!

1. Schwarze Sonne
2. Schwarze Sonne (Terrolokaust Remix)
3. The Saint
4. Schwarze Sonne (Aircrash Bureau Remix)
5. Schwarze Sonne (Shiv-R Remix)
6. The Saint (Psychopomps Remix)
7. Give Me You (Imperial League Remix)
8. Darkest Cave



Sunday, July 15, 2012

Atomtrakt : Artefakte Des Verderbens [2012]

Two years after the highly acclaimed „Sperrstelle Nordost“ album the mighty ATOMTRAKT are back with a new bombastic, martial, heroic and apocalyptic Industrial release which is entitled „Artefakte des Verderbens“. The album spreads a superior and cold atmosphere and deals with the Battle of Stalingrad(2nd World War). As on “Sperrstelle Nordost”, cold, heroic and atmospheric synthesizer layers are mixed with bombastic drums and military war-like rhythm patterns.

The vocals on the new record vary from dark and clean to distorted and threatening. The overall sound of the album is powerful and bombastic – it spreads a superior and mighty atmosphere rarely heard before. The lyrics deal with fears, death, decay and ambiguity.
When listening to this sophisticated album, you can find yourself on the battlefield in Stalingrad. The album itself never gets boring – This is due to the variety of songs and themes. The album is available in a 6-panel DIGIPAK and it was recorded and mastered at Luftschutzkerker Studio in Switzerland.

1 Triumphzug
2 Trümmerfelder
3 Todeszone
4 Gräben Der Isolation
5 Stacheln Der Vernichtung
6 Festungsschlacht
7 Heimkehr Der Verwundeten
8 Hungerwinter

Limited edition of 400 copies as digipak.


Friday, July 13, 2012

Legionarii : Europa Rex [2012]

1. The New Era (6:10)
2. Power In Our Hands (5:35)
3. Europa Rex (5:56)
4. Stahlpakt - Black Sun March (6:47)
5. Iron Will (5:11)
6. Total Propaganda (6:45)
7. Blood Dawn (6:40)


raison d'être : In Sadness, Silence And Solitude [1997] | FLAC

1 Reflecting In Shadows 8:57
2 In Abscence Of Light 5:04
3 The Well Of Sadness 8:24
4 Deep Enshrouded 7:34
5 Falling Twilight 7:23
6 Passing Inner Shield 13:25





Nurse With Wound : Thunder Perfect Mind [1992]

1 Cold 22:37
2 Colder Still 33:19

Produced, mixed and edited by S(teven) Stapleton. Engineered by Colin Potter, I.C.R. Studio, Tollerton, York, Winter 1991. Cover by Babs Santini. Calligraphy by Geoff Cox.

Included is an 8-page booklet.

Sister album to Current 93's Thunder Perfect Mind.



Einstürzende Neubauten : Zeichnungen Des Patienten O.T. [1983]

A1 Vanadium I-Ching 4:54
A2 Hospitalistische Kinder / Engel Der Vernichtung 5:09
A3 Abfackeln! 3:32
A4 Neun Arme 2:34
A5 Herde 1:24
A6 Merle (Die Elektrik) 2:20
B1 Zeichnungen Des Patienten O.T. 3:23
B2 Finger Und Zähne 0:17
B3 Falschgeld 2:42
B4 Styropor 2:24
B5 Armenia 4:57
B6 Die Genaue Zeit 7:06

SPK : Leichenschrei [1982]

A Seite ((Lysso))
B Seite ((Klono))



Thursday, July 12, 2012

V/A : Lucifer Rising [1999]

01 Endvra – Parzifal 5:09
02 Chöd – Nothing Is 6:48
03 Blood Axis – Electricity 6:19
04 Der Blutharsch – Untitled 5:27
05 Dawn & Dusk Entwined – Morning Star 5:13
06 Allerseelen – Flamme 6:59
07 Ernte – Prometheus 4:21
08 Bobby Beausoleil – Lucifer Rising (2d Movement) 6:01
09 Changes – Legends 3:48
10 Waldteufel – Lucifer 3:59
11 Ain Soph – Theme V 10:51



Brighter Death Now : Kamikaze Kabaret [2005]

01 Untitled 0:47
02 Oh Baby 4:19
03 Crimescene Nostalgia 7:18
04 Destroy 8:21
05 Testing 9:58
06 Big Happy Family 6:35
07 Washing Day 7:55
08 While You Sleep 4:42
09 Take Me Away 6:17
10 Untitled 0:13



V/A : The Industrial Records Story [1976-1981]

01. Throbbing Gristle - We Hate You (Litlle Girls)
02. Monte Cazazza - To Mom On Mother's Day
03. Leather Nun - Slow Death
04. Robert Rental - Days Breaks' Night Heals
05. SPK - Mekano
06. Cabaret Voltaire - Sunday Night In Biot
07. Elisabeth Welch - Stormy Weather
08. Clock DVA - Silent
09. Dorothy - I Confess
10. Throbbing Gristle - Distant Dreams [part 2]
11. William S. Burroughs - Nothing Here Now

A collection of material from Throbbing Gristle's Industrial Records label spanning 1976 to 1981.



Raison d'etre : Within the Depths of Silence and Phormation [1995] | FLAC

01 Sephiroth (4:01)
02 Ascent Of The Blessed (7:15)
03 In Abscence Of Subsequent Ambivalence (10:31)
04 Fall Of The Damned (6:24)
05 Euphrosyne (3:59)
06 Inner Depths Of Sadness (6:36)
07 Of Dying Relics (4:50)
08 Dream's Essence (8:20)



Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Alfarmania : Kofotsrekyl [2006]

A1 Kan Sluta, Men Vill Inte
A2 Morgonfixen
A3 Förgiftning Och Punktering
A4 Tillbaka På Ulleråker
B1 Kofotsrekyl
B2 Skaka Galler
B3 Smutsigt Avtal
B4 Varorna Vinner Över Viljan


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

This Morn' Omina : 7 Years Of Famine [2002]

Mika of This Morn' Omina unleashes seven powerful compositions that prove to be not only his best work to date, but by far one the strongest and most significant releases of this year in general. I am always overwhelmed by the amount of great innovative directions many musicians have presented over the years, and it becomes increasingly hard to find ones as groundbreaking. The list is getting bigger every year, as I explore so many diverse styles of electronic music. This Morn' Omina is another genius musician that encapsulates a very unique sound that will forever remain their own. 7 years of famine takes us into a highly visual aurora of darkness, aggression, pain, and contentment through the means of lost and forgotten tribal styles of the past as well as present-day hypnotic trance and dark atmospheres.

MORE ...

1 The Other Side 12:25
2 One-Eyed Man 5:30
3 The Burning Hand 11:56
4 Les Signes Dans Le Désert 12:00
5 (The) Fires Within 7:10
6 Currents 12:04
7 Monad 12:47

Artwork By [Sleeve] Grimnir
Mastered By Mika, TC, Uroman

Limited to 500 copies. In oversize color slipcase.
Mastered at Atomic Studios.

Alfarmania : At Ulleråker [2005]

A Untitled 15:10
B Untitled 15:15

Released in a limited edition of 13 copies on unmarked black C20 tapes on the occasion of a gig in Sundsvall, Sweden.

First edition limited to 50 copies.


Sunday, July 8, 2012

Inade : Samadhi State [2006]

1 Ghost Sector 5:45
2 Samadhi State Part One 3:58
3 Samadhi State Part Two 6:34
4 Legion Of God 9:02
5 Uninhabited Red 6:26
6 Cages 5:12
7 Samadhi State Part Three 12:52
8 Samadhi State Part Four 5:52



Dead Can Dance : Anastasis [2012]

01 Children Of The Sun
02 Anabasis
03 Agape
04 Amnesia
05 Kiko
06 Opium
07 Return Of The She-King
08 All In Good Time


Exocet : Consequence [2011]

Exocet was launched in 2008 by the versatile labelfounder/producer/dj René Klimaczewski (aka Klima). He is known to insiders especially for his collaboration with the esteemed Architect.

Take a stick of chalk, snap it in two, grind the pieces against one another until they're a fine powder. Next, throw it up in the air, now walk through it. Feel the finite particles coat your skin and creep down your throat with a burning urgency. Get in your cart and enter the mines, you're listening to the latest album from Klima's vicious project Exocet.

MORE ...

Observe the rotted out timbers propping up sagging formations of rock blasted out with crude brutality, you'll see jackhammers of electronic teeth gnawing at them, further refining their composition while taking chunks out of the support beams. Better hope you can eject quickly and run when the cave in comes, because with work like this slashing and burning through the scenery it won't be long in arriving. These beats are like angular, unsympathetic steel girders crashing down all around; sometimes they clip you and rip out a bit of flesh. The price one pays, I suppose. Caustic industrial processing is going on here, each song (if you can call them that) is anchored by distortion and forged out of providence's darker urges.

01 Work Don't Stop 4:51
02 Bad Taste 5:39
03 Terrifying Consequences 5:07
04 Drops Of Blood 4:52
05 Break Away 5:22
06 Good Night 5:47
07 Drugs And Balance 5:03
08 Strange Influence 5:12
09 I Can Feel It 4:31
10 No U Turn 3:00
11 Playground 5:00
12 Like A Viper 4:52


Dead Can Dance : Live Happenings - Part III [2012]

1 Saltarello 2:52
2 The Wind That Shakes The Barley 3:39
3 How Fortunate The Man With None 9:09
4 Dreams Made Flesh 4:14


P·A·L : Archive.One [2008]

01 Sleepless 6:38
02 K-Schwarz 4:01
03 Freising 0801 6:01
04 Drumpolice 3:45
05 Hypnosis 4:41
06 I.R.K. 5:06
07 Sin Dub 5:00
08 R-Forschung 5:21
09 Versuchung 5:32
10 Little Cloudy Fluff 6:15


The Protagonist : A Rebours [1998]

1 The Eternal Abjectness Of Life 6:12
2 Kämpfende Pferde 6:39
3 Mutability 6:30
4 Zoroaster 5:48
5 Song Of Innocence 4:53
6 The Puritan 6:38
7 Imitation 5:08
8 The End 6:02


Alfarmania + Proiekt Hat : Furyfication [2005]

A Vildsvinter 23:36
B Raggression 22:42

Comes with 2-sided insert.
Limited edition of 275 copies.


Proiekt Hat : X [2005]

A1 Birthright 2:30
A2 Robotomy 7:28
A3 Mizpeh 10:15
A4 Second Nature 2:53
B By Means Fair Or Foul 23:43

Packaged in a special embossed cardboard case. Limited to 186 hand-numbered copies.


Friday, July 6, 2012

Kraschau : Offenbarung [2012]

The debut album of a promising new act in the Martial Industrial scene. Inspired by the great empires and kingdoms of Europe, like the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Prussia and 20th century Christian and legitimist movements. The lyrics deal with the themes of christian mysticism and the spirit of struggle - as opposed to the coward comfort of the modern world. The album features various guest musicians from the Hungarian industrial and neofolk scene. Neoclassical / symphonic music with the strictness of martial rhythms and with the power of industrial sounds.

01 Unser Glaubensbekenntnis
02 Kennst Du Deine Farben?
03 Teremts!
04 Heiliger Krieg (Innere Und Äußere)
05 Lux Mundi I. (Der Schrift)
06 Lux Mundi II. (K.U.K.)
07 Egység és Rend
08 Nekünk Mohács Kell!
09 Heimatslos (Epilog)


Thursday, July 5, 2012

Xotox And Remote : Universe [2002]

01. Intro
02. Universe 1
03. Universe 2
04. Universe 3
05. Universe 4
06. Outro


Herbst9 : Ušumgal Kalamma [2011]

It’s difficult for me to accurately express my tremendous admiration for this project. Herbst9 are one of the few remaining envoys of communication from civilisations past, carrying into the 21st century a musical dedication and interpretation of the true tenets and beliefs of Sumer. Since the genesis of this enterprise, Henry Emich and Frank Merten have never faltered in producing some of the finest works the ritual ambient genre has ever seen. Ušumgal Kalamma [Dragon of the Land] is no different and this time round we are greeted with a full double album of original material to close the Mesopotamian trilogy that started with “Buried Under Time and Sand”.

I have no reservation in saying that Ušumgal Kalamma is the finest of the three albums: it’s a refined, mature and reverential gift to the present day, born from unending research, respect and fascination for the past. But unlike others who use ancient civilisation purely as an inspiration, Hersbt9 seems to have been birthed directly from it. There is something so genuine and unquestionably sincere about this project which makes the orthodoxy of its sound so effective and compelling.

MORE ...

Ušumgal Kalamma (58:47)
1-1 She Filled The Wells Of The Land With Blood 9:43
1-2 Napissunu Mutumma 15:38
1-3 Ludlul Bel Nemeqi 6:40
1-4 Birds Of Sorrow Are Building Nests On These Flanks 6:05
1-5 Ušumgal Kalamma 7:29
1-6 A Sacred Dwelling 3:57
1-7 Ereškigal, Rise From Your Throne 9:13

Edimgal Kalamma (54:04)
2-1 Kima Šuškalli Ukattimanni Šittu 6:40
2-2 Ilam-Pilah 7:03
2-3 Ningirsu Ušumgal 4:51
2-4 The Sage Lord Ašimbabbar 7:21
2-5 Mutum Kima Imbari Izannun Elišum 9:51
2-6 Ašar Tallaki Ittiki Lullik 8:12
2-7 The Great Child Of Suen 10:02


Proiekt Hat : HB XII [2004]

A1 Doomed Redeemer 12:15
A2 Mossad M.O. 8:21
B1 Tracker/Trader 6:05
B2 Riches 5:03
B3 Alpha Trait Domain 2:22
B4 Lord Beat 4:01
B5 The Shylock Chapter 5:01

Recorded to tape 2003 - 2004. First edition comes packaged with a numbered brown tag wrapped around tape itself. Catalog # scratched directly onto the tape itself. Standard edition comes with xeroxed b/w cover.


Deutsch Nepal : Behind A Wall Of Silence [2000]

A1 Saeta
A2 Behind A Wall Of Silence
A3 We're All Prostitutes
B1 King Misery
B2 Tintomara
B3 As Stupidity Discovered
B4 Deutsch Nepal


Reutoff : Gute Nacht, Berlin! [2003]

1 Wurdalak 6:43
2 Die Sunden Der Vater 11:08
3 Libera Me (Edit) 6:00
4 Allegoria No. 3 4:25
5 Die Rote Fahne 6:06
6 Neumond 5:18
7 Gute Nacht, Berlin! 10:00


Ain Soph | Der Blutharsch : Split [2000]

A Ain Soph – Baltikum (Live "Esterhofen" 29.8.99) 5:59
B Der Blutharsch – Untitled (Live "Roter Berg" 16.10.99) 8:43


raison d'être : Semblance [1995]

A1 D:Combe – Into A Mysteria
A2 D:Combe – Radio Programme 1
A3 D:Combe – Radio Programme 2
A4 D:Combe – Radio Programme 3
A5 Necrophorus – Soporific
A6 Necrophorus – Threshold Over Times
A7 raison d'être – Decalogue
A8 raison d'être – Pharynx
B1 raison d'être – Out Of The Depths...
B2 raison d'être – Intrinsic Reason (Second Version)
B3 raison d'être – Wisdom Of Withhold
B4 raison d'être – Saivo


Mz.412 : Infernal Affairs [2006]

01 Preludiumh 1:00
02 Infernal Affairs I 7:08
03 Vredens Skvadron 5:41
04 Point Of Presence 6:03
05 Lord, Make Me An Instrument Of Your Wrath 4:58
06 Epilogh 1:25
07 Inkant 12 SLE 8:02
08 Unhealing Wounds 5:34
09 Mourning Star 6:07
10 Infernal Affairs II 4:44
11 Postludiumh 4:29

Mastered By S. Meinertz
Performer Drakhon, Nordvargr, Ulvtharm

Comes in an embossed digipak on black CD.
The Mz.412 "barr logo" printed on the CD label is incomplete: instead of "IIII I II" (that is 412) is reported only "IIII I" (that is 41).

Recorded 2002 - 2006 at Nar Mattaru.


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

P·A·L : Retro [2004]

1 Intro+Terrible Hangdown (Instrumental Version) 7:49
2 I Set My Dog On Fire 4:33
3 Anthropophobia 3:34
4 All Systems Collapsed (Original Version) 1:38
5 Discipline 4:27
6 Intercøurse 5:00
7 T.A.E. 5:31
8 Erosion V1.1 4:07
9 Gelöbnis (Terrorfakt Remix) 5:16
10 Whomp That Sucker 4:28
11 Screech 4:05
12 Wretched 7:13
13 Wall Of Lashes 2:38
14 Sacred Women 18:40

MORE ...

Artwork [Artwar] Salt
Remastered By Herman Klapholz

All tracks except 9 recorded at Upper Meadow Field, Munich.
Remastered at Illlektrik.Toolz.

1: Previously unreleased instrumental (1993)
2: From Ant-hology 2xCD (Ant-Zen, 1997)
3: From Zyklus-D LP (Ant-Zen, 1994)
4: From Different Forms 2xCass (Hands, 1994)
5: Previously unreleased (1998)
6: From Parasit LP (Ant-Zen, 1995)
7: From m@rix CD (Ant-Zen, 1997)
8: Original version from Maschinenwelt II CD (Maschinenwelt, 1997)
9: Previously unreleased (2002)
10: From C-Lektor LP (Ant-Zen, 1995)
11: From Rift Laboratory Cass (SSSM, 1994)
12: From Consent 7" (Ant-Zen, 1994)
13 & 14: From Sacred Women mCD (Steinklang, 1995)


iVardensphere : I Dream In Noise: Remixes Vol.2 [2012]

Take tribal drums, mix with pounding analogue synths and a killer club sound and what do you get? iVardensphere.

Throw in the remixing talents of such names as Caustic, Alter Der Ruine, Ludovico Technique, Iszoloscope, System Syn and Unit:187, and you have the percussive new release I Dream In Noise: Remixes Vol. 2. Featuring re-envisioned tracks from the recent album APOK and the previous album Bloodwater, I Dream In Noise: Remixes Vol. 2 is a stunning companion to both.

MORE ...

01. Ancients (Blakopz Remix)
02. These Machines Keep Me Alive (Alter Der Ruine Remix)
03. Chasing The Dragon (Comaduster Remix)
04. The Source Of Uncertainty (The Hexensphere By Hexrx)
05. Cracked Earth (Encephalon Remix)
06. Ghostnote (Aliceffekt Remix)
07. Here Lies Lily Brant (Caustic Remix)
08. Cracked Earth (Ludovico Technique Remix)
09. Of Ancient Reprise (Rad Bromance Mix By Ad-Ver-Sary)
10. Ghostnote (Iszoloscope Remix)
11. Here Lies Lily Brant (Ambassador 21 Remix)
12. People Of The Sun (Distorted Memory Remix)
13. Sick (Phosgore Remix)
14. Nazca (System Syn Remix)
15. Filterscape (Dym Remix)
16. Chasing The Dragon (Unit 187 Remix)
17. Cracked Earth (Instrumental Version)
18. Sick (C-Lekktor Remix)
19. Chasing The Dragon (R. Roo Remix)
20. Sick (Tyrant’s Sick & Bass Remix)
21. 21.Ghostnote (Guidestone Remix)
22. 22.Sick (Pandemic Remix By 3Rr0rc0d3)
23. 23.Nazca (Atahualp Defiant Mix By Servitor Sanctum 7)
24. Sick (Mess & Phetamine Pgdhtccagdwaprcg Remix)


P/W : vampi

Les Joyaux De La Princesse : In Memoriam [2004]

01 Untitled 4:08
02 Untitled 6:49
03 Untitled 6:00
04 Untitled 4:12
05 Untitled 6:41
06 Marche Funèbre 10:39
07 Untitled 1:26
08 Messe Solennelle 12:19


Proiekt Hat : Deform Process [1999]

A1 The Things We Wouldn't Do For Money 8:56
A2 Pigeater 11:27
A3 The Ultimate Negative 2:30
B1 Limestone 2:35
B2 Neither Passion... 6:02
B3 ...Nor Prejudice 4:11
B4 The Sense Of Belonging 7:56


Monday, July 2, 2012

Stoerfaktor : Distorted Music 4 Distorted People [2012]

After the last album ended up as successful and had more than 9,000 downloads, Project Stoerfaktor is now back with a new full-length album. Project Stoerfaktor is the solo project of T. Stiens.

Project Stoerfaktor .... not easy to describe: We just call it rhythm, noise, industrial noise, or just CRASH ... but not always just loud. The project proves there is another way of irritation with his new release "Distorted Distorted Music 4 People." Clever produced music with hard rhythm and beautiful vocal samples. The 13 songs on the album tell a story. Straight and very clear Rhytmic noise. A must have for any fan of the old, hard school.

01. Intro
02. Suizidal
03. Vitae
04. ABC Massenvernichtung
05. District One
06. Invasion
07. Gruppendynamischer Sterbeprozess
08. Abort 2012
09. Automatism
10. Vietnam War Radio
11. Propaganda
12. Schizophrenie (reedit)
13. v2a version 2_0 (reedit)


raison d'être : Après Nous Le Déluge (Redux Version) [2012]

01. Après Nous Le Déluge [Acte I] [4:53]
02. Après Nous Le Déluge [Acte II] [3:19]
03. Raison D'Etre [4:23]
04. The Final Wagon [5:32]
05. Moribund [6:06]
06. De Profundis [3:43]
07. Death Brightens With Sorrow [5:40]
08. Paragon Sequence [3:37]
09. Ignesco Comburo [5:53]
10. Frigus Membra [1:51]
11. Memento Mori [4:14]
12. The Final Wagon [5:35]
13. Moribund [5:31]
14. Ignesco Comburo [5:16]
15. Après Nous Le Déluge [Acte II] [3:19]
16. Intercourse In The Garden Of Delight When Evil Suddenly Appear And Disappear [4:07]


C L A R O . . .

MORE ...

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Mz.412 vs. Folkstorm : Live Ceremony [2004]

Tracks 1-7 recorded live at the MS Stubnitz, Rostock, August 18th, 2000.
Track 8 and 10 are taken from "The Culturecide Campaigns" CD-r by Folkstorm.
Track 9 is previously unreleased.

First Edition limited to 412 copies.
CD comes in jewelcase including an eight-page booklet.


ESA : The Sea & The Silence [2008]

The Sea & the Silence has much of the same furious, intense upbeat savagery that Tympanik Audio has quickly become known for throughout the rhythmic industrial world, but on another end it has perhaps the darkest flavor that the label has seen thus far in their career. The Sea & the Silence ventures far beyond the realms of Endif and Totakeke and their urban scrawls, into something much deeper and further down the trail.

MORE ...

01 Tasting Nails 5:13
02 Absolute Fury (In Its Very Fabric) 6:40
03 Its Hard To Sleep, In Hell 5:43
04 The Sea & The Silence Pt 1 : The Sea 8:12
05 The Sea & The Silence Pt 2 : The Silence 6:39
06 Dead Fucking Desire 6:38
07 Your Anger Is A Gift 4:55
08 Open To Me, Your Black And Bitter Heart 1:39
09 Randomly Selected Drawbacks Of The Human Condition Pt 2. 6:06
10.1 The Devil Worships Me! 19:51
10.2 All You Brought To Me Was Fucking Nothing! (Additional Track)


Blood Axis + Les Joyaux De La Princesse : Absinthe - La Folie Verte [2002]

01 Folie Verte (I Am The Green Fairy) 3:40
02 Symphonie Verte (And Here I Am, An Absintheur...) 4:59
03 Minutes D'Absinthe (Let Me Be Mad, Mad With Absinthe) 1:59
04 Absinthia Taetra (Opaline) 6:58
05 Poison Vert (D'Après Frédéric Barbier) 6:57
06 Avec Les Fleurs... Avec L'Absinthe (With Flowers And With Women) 1:58
07 Absinthine (D'Après Emile Duhem) 0:55
08 Variations Sur Le Thème De Corelli (By Venus And Cupid) 4:05
09 Variations Sur Le Thème De Corelli (That Night, I Drank Deeply) 13:20
10 Princesse Verte (D'Après Emile Spencer) 5:37
11 Fée Verte, Vous Êtes Jolie (Chanté Par Affre) 2:10


New Risen Throne : Loneliness Of Hidden Structures [2011]

The bar is set stunningly high here. I developed the habit of saying to many artists something in essence of: the better their art, the easier my job is. This release makes me feel as if those words have shattered right in front of me. This is one of those moments that, for me, puts into question my ability to report. It seems difficult to reconcile the limitations of the English language with the grandeur of this piece. This is one of those rare examples of near-perfection that displays such a seemingly aphotic reality within the self, only finding that this darkness is not impenetrable; after being engulfed long enough, one literally becomes that which he has been consumed by.

MORE ...

This is the most ghostly, well-produced, refined, and masterful Dark Ambient album I have had the privilege of immersing myself in. I found myself on the brink of tears when I first came to know this work, not because the music is particularly sorrowful, which of course it is, but because it is, more than anything, astounding. The production value for every single track is no joke, this is a work of grand design, with every single detail having a life of its own. Each track is like a distinct phantom telling you a part in a story, some of these manifestations are mesmerizingly vast, others unflinchingly mysterious. The second track, “Echoes From The Loss” is one of the latter. As far as any sort of Ambient goes, this is the dense, complex kind that sees unexpected textures rise and fall, unfurling as the only thing you have to grasp to orient yourself amidst the impossible vacuum everywhere around you.


Proiekt Hat : IlluZionist [1999]

Proiekt Hat is death industrial darkness. Mix of power-electronics, post-industrial and noise.
One of Sweden’s finest.

A1 Judges 3:31 8:07
A2 Go'El 4:18
A3 Shabesh 12:52
B1 Structural Gnosis 4:38
B2 Soaring The Skies Over Sinai 2 7:53
B3 Supersolid 5:46

Limited to 400 numbered copies


Saturday, June 30, 2012

Cesium_137 : Science And Sound [2012]

Philadelphia-based Cesium_137 has garnered a rabid following due to the acts ability to embrace varied electronic dance music genres in order to forge a fresh innovative sound. After an extended period of silence, Cesium_137 returns with Science and Sound. Easily the best album of the bands career, Science and Sound sees the songwriting duo of Isaac Glendenning and Vince Guzzardo perfect the acts unique brand of trance pop. From the opening notes of the lead off track “Aftermath”, the quality and effort becomes immediately apparent. Standout tracks such as the percussive, seething “Dead Letter” and anthemic “Motion” display a band at the peak of its craft, fully exploring the range of its influences, while displaying its own unique sound.

01. Aftermath
02. The Golden Age
03. Time Stops For No One
04. Dead Letter
05. Peripheral
06. From Within
07. Run
08. Logic Bomb
09. In Memory
10. Motion


Funerary Call : The Black Root [2004]

Funerary Call is the black ambient project of Harlow MacFarlane who also performs more varied death industrial sounds under the moniker Sistrenatus. Although Funerary Call is an older project of his, he is still active and churning out new material.

The sound that Funerary Call employs on The Black Root is somewhere between the ambience of Inade and the more industrial sounds of Stratvm Terror. If either of those projects appeal to you, I would strongly recommend picking this up, a very dark yet intriguing work, and yet another great release from MacFarlane.

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1 In The Half-Light 5:19
2 The Black Root 2:57
3 Works Of Fire 3:58
4 Dawn Of The Final Purge 6:34
5 Thee I Invoke 5:12
6 Furnace God 3:36
7 For Thus You Will Sow 4:52
8 Upon The Heath 4:10


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