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Cesium_137 : Science And Sound [2012]

Philadelphia-based Cesium_137 has garnered a rabid following due to the acts ability to embrace varied electronic dance music genres in order to forge a fresh innovative sound. After an extended period of silence, Cesium_137 returns with Science and Sound. Easily the best album of the bands career, Science and Sound sees the songwriting duo of Isaac Glendenning and Vince Guzzardo perfect the acts unique brand of trance pop. From the opening notes of the lead off track “Aftermath”, the quality and effort becomes immediately apparent. Standout tracks such as the percussive, seething “Dead Letter” and anthemic “Motion” display a band at the peak of its craft, fully exploring the range of its influences, while displaying its own unique sound.

01. Aftermath
02. The Golden Age
03. Time Stops For No One
04. Dead Letter
05. Peripheral
06. From Within
07. Run
08. Logic Bomb
09. In Memory
10. Motion


Funerary Call : The Black Root [2004]

Funerary Call is the black ambient project of Harlow MacFarlane who also performs more varied death industrial sounds under the moniker Sistrenatus. Although Funerary Call is an older project of his, he is still active and churning out new material.

The sound that Funerary Call employs on The Black Root is somewhere between the ambience of Inade and the more industrial sounds of Stratvm Terror. If either of those projects appeal to you, I would strongly recommend picking this up, a very dark yet intriguing work, and yet another great release from MacFarlane.

MORE ...

1 In The Half-Light 5:19
2 The Black Root 2:57
3 Works Of Fire 3:58
4 Dawn Of The Final Purge 6:34
5 Thee I Invoke 5:12
6 Furnace God 3:36
7 For Thus You Will Sow 4:52
8 Upon The Heath 4:10


Les Tambours Du Bronx : [Silence] [1999]

French percussionists Les Tambours Du Bronx have made their trademark with drumming on oil barrels, with little accompanying sounds. Live they line up in half a circle with the leader (Le Chef Tambour) in the middle. The resulting music is obviously more rhythmical than melodic.

MORE ...


Theologian : A Life Of Constant Struggle [2009]

Just about everyone with even a passing interest in Dark Ambient, Death Industrial or Power Electronics will be familiar with Lee Bartow, if not by name then by his moniker of Leech or his most well known project Navicon Torture Technologies. Sadly, that one is RIP, but Leech continues to record with different groups and under different guises. One that caught me off guard was this one, Theologian.

MORE ...

Within the first few minutes of tape opener “This Is Wrong”, you’ll peg this immediately as one of Leech’s’ projects, you’ll also notice hardcore Atrax Morgue worship. The delayed, reverb-heavy vocals reminiscent of the classic NTT style, but the multiple-layered ambience of that sound has been replaced by more aggressive and minimal synth loops and rhythms. Not to imply that it’s boring, quite the opposite, just that where NTT is more brooding and ominous, Theologian comes across more ‘in your face’ and confrontational. Tracks like “The Last Grain In The Hourglass” could almost be labeled straight PE if the vocals were more distorted.

A1 This Is Wrong
A2 Confined To Quarters
B1 The Last Grain In The Hourglass
B2 Severity

Released in an edition of 50. The tape comes in a black medical grade ziplock bag, with a 6x6 professionally printed insert, a Theologian sticker, and a pair of black latex gloves.


Martin Bladh : Umbilical Cords [2005]

1 Cord 1 11:50
2 Cord 2 4:41
3 Cord 3 13:58
4 Cord 4 Appendix: The Screaming Body 5:28

Design Bannerman
Mastered By Peter Andersson
Written-by [All Songs By] Martin Bladh


Mz.412 : Domine Rex Inferum [2001]

1 Invok: Satha 412.71 6:05
2 Ritual: Summ Nv 41:2 41:22
3 Komuni: Disciple 824.9 KX 9:07

Recorded 2001 at Rar Mattaru.
Limited to 2000 copies.


Friday, June 29, 2012

P·A·L : m@rix [1997]

01 Metrum V1.2 4:44
02 Unwanted 7:24
03 Cyber Junkyard 5:38
04 T.A.E. 5:29
05 E-Mass 8:03
06 Hybcollab 3 4:04
07 Germanized Industry 5:57
08 Whomp That Sucker! (Live) 4:51
09 Purge 5:41
10 Wasteland 4:54


ESA : Devotion, Discipline, And Denial [2006]

Luckily ESA are bringing a whole lot more and manage to find their own sound in the heavily over-subscribed Power Noise scene. After the rickety sound-effects and mounting tension of the obligatory intro track, “Manipulating God”, the album kicks in with “Belief Conversion”. A repeated sample gives way to mid-tempo rhythms and beat patterns build up and overlay as the song progresses. Sharper percussive phrases then weave their way into the mix and so the song progresses, playing with these elements to cast a dark, hypnotic spell. So far, so typical – not unlike any of classic Ant Zen acts. As the song nears the two-thirds mark, fun things start to happen: slow synths fade in and take hold, pushing melody over the distortion while buried Asian voices bubble under, flipping the emotion of the song to lush powerful sadness. It’s where Manufactura meets Delerium to devastating effect.

MORE ...

The pattern is repeated on the next cut, the excellent “We All Know the World is Wrong” as piercing loop and multi-layered metallic rhythms gradually succumb to bubbling synths and sweet haunting sweeps with a beautiful eastern-inspired vocal and even a funky bass line for a few bars. Again, all elements come together to flesh out the typical powernoise tropes into something melodic and emotionally captivating.

01 Manipulating God 4:22
02 Belief Conversion 5:07
03 We All Know The World Is Wrong 6:00

04 Nerve Pattern 5:54
05 Say No To Emo 4:35
06 Cutslut 5:19
07 Test 5:08

08 Satan Is Real 6:04
09 To Bear The Countless Harvests Of Unremitting Religious Hypocrisy 5:33
10 Fruits Of Self Loathing 5:24
11 The Misconception Of Zen 7:13
12 Devoted Contortions (Scrap.edx Remix) 8:57


Freya Aswynn + Les Joyaux De La Princesse : Wolf Rune [1997]


A Invocation Of The Gods 6:07
B Invocation Of The Gods (Instrumental) 2:19
C Invocation Of The Gods 6:07
D Invocation Of The Gods (Instrumental) 2:19

This is the special artist edition containing the black and white vinyl version signed by Freya Aswynn.
The white vinyl has a seal melt inside the center hole and is tied to the black vinyl and the cover by a thin rope.

Limited edition of 30 copies.


Thursday, June 28, 2012

Apoptose : Bannwald [2010]

So much good appreciations of this release drove me to my favorite records store...
Since at home listening to this beautiful piece of art, I'm HAUNTED ! This true story about these missing girls in this forest are very useful in music, cinema and reality but these sounds put the despair in front of your eyes (or ears, as you feel it).
Sounds of nothingness, frogs, nature and forest mixed with amazing Electronics...
It seems to make one and only track, perfect to spend a beautiful winter evening in front of a fireplace with a Single Malt.

1 Die Drei Schwestern 4:26
2 Hexenring 8:27
3 Ein Jahr Und Ein Tag 7:36
4 Haltet Euch Fern! 8:08
5 Vivian Und Wiebke 5:53
6 Berkanas Traum 8:14
7 Im Bannwald 8:04


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Philipp Münch : Mondo Obscura [2012]

On this, his second solo album, the exceptional artist that is
Philipp Münch has assimilated musical influences spanning the
last four decades, bringing a brilliant and contemporary release
into being, just as he did on last year's 'Into The Absurd'.
supported by a number of musician friends he puts an emphasis on
vintage electronics and creations ranging from classic rhythmic
noise and minimal electro to cinematic ambient whilst retaining
a modern edge which sets him apart amongst those who work only
for sheer nostalgia.

MORE ...

A clearly noticeable component on 'Mondo Obscura'
is the expanded range of vocals performed by Philipp
himself and guest artists such as Kyoung-hi Roho, Riotmiloo
(Eva|3), Tim Kniep (Synapscape) and Dan Gatto (Continues,
Babyland). This multitude of vocalists creates a vast subset of
accents and moods ranging between melancholy and aggression.
musically, moody minimal pop tunes alternate with harsh power
electronics and space-age ambience performed with a high amount
of flexibility on rhythms, effects and sounds. A very strong,
personal and complete release that deserves close attention,
highly recommended to those who are eager to look beyond the
limits of musical styles.

01. Despair [5:12]
02. Structure [6:05]
03. Raise The Pressure [3:51]
04. By Acident [5:46]
05. Shifting People [4:08]
06. Way Of Anger [4:56]
07. Espionage Version [4:50]
08. Choices Undone [5:15]
09. Sub Divider [4:33]
10. All I Want [5:18]
11. The Magma War [3:39]
12. Torch [4:09]


Deutsch Nepal : ¡Comprendido!... Time Stop! ...And World Ending [1997]

MORE ...

01 Benevolence - 92 3:53
02 Thomas 29 Needles 9:12
03 World Mirror 6:44
04 Morgue Restaurant 1:48
05 Gouge Free Market 8:16
06 Tender Lover 3:19
07 Pain Is The Language We Use 9:01
08 The Phlegethon Fish 3:11
09 Auto Gamic Drummers 7:43
10 Poison Free Market 11:05


Les Joyaux De La Princesse + Regard Extrême : Die Weiße Rose [1995]

01 Tiefe Sehnsucht (Zu Neuen Ufern) 2:43
02 Die Natur Ist Jetzt Mit Waffenkland Erwacht 3:25
03 Jetzt Aber Tagts 3:30
04 Der Reissend Hinabschäumt 1:13
05 Rösen Des Lebens 2:12
06 Die Jugend Trauert (Marche Funêbre) 1:13
07 Weiße Blätter 3:41
08 Letze Kampf Des Lebens 4:18
09 Die Flammen Entbunden 5:21
10 Weiße Rose 6:34
11 Der Abschied 3:22
12 Tiefe Sehnsucht 4:28
13 Sag' Mir "Adieu" 5:19


IRM : Order⁴ [2010]

1 Order¹ 15:00
2 Order² 15:00
3 Order³ 15:00
4 Order⁴ 15:00

Artwork  Stefan Danielsson
Mastered By  Peter Andersson
Performer [Irm Staff]  Erik Jarl, Martin Bladh, Mikael Oretoft

Order⁴ was composed, produced and recorded in Norrköping, Autumn 2008.
Comes in a digipak and includes an unattached booklet.


Proyecto Mirage : Slaves Of Capital [2011]

01 Espacio En Blanco 4:47
02 The Blade Of God 6:31
03 Lithium 4:33
04 Extinction To Evolve 7:00
05 Flexitrack 4:56
06 Low Tech Droid 5:36
07 So2 4:16
08 Nodo 1 5:36
09 Nicht 5:44
10 Mind Gear 6:06
11 Interlock 4:38


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Stahlwerk 9 / Cold Fusion / Rukkanor : Triumvire (2006)

1. Stahlwerk 9 - Ante Bellum Civile (4:28)
2. Stahlwerk 9 - Ave Caesar (8:12)
3. Stahlwerk 9 - Rubicon (6:03)
4. Cold Fusion - Tesser Arius (3:58)
5. Cold Fusion - Patres (3:17)
6. Cold Fusion - Regia (4:20)
7. Rukkanor - Imperium (5:47)
8. Rukkanor - Alexandria (4:50)
9. Rukkanor - Idus Martiae (4:04)


Ah Cama-Sotz : 13 [2007]

MORE ...

01 Hecate's Psy (Bat Mix) 5:31
02 Sun Of Sam 5:53
03 The Dance Of Ka 6:10
04 Sabbat II (Invocation) 7:44
05 Ziggurat 8:18
06 Child Of The Damned 5:40
07 Sweet Fragrance Of Insanity 7:26
08 Zaran Tulah 6:31
09 The Corridors Of The Unseen (Version I) 5:58
10 That Ghost Of Inexistance 5:36
11 The Messengerh 4:10
12 Trespassing The Gate 5:19
13 Mutation 4:29


Digital release available for purchase.
A collection of rare vinyl and compilation tracks.
Titles on the download site are slightly different than those below, which are from the official Ah Cama-Sotz website.

Track 1 from Hecate's Psy 7" (Bats & Cats, 1995)
Track 2 from Battery Sentinel 2 2CD (Crunch Pod, 2000)
Track 3 from Everything Is Low CD (Lowlands, 1995)
Track 4 from Excramentos Diabolicos 7" (Klanggalerie, 2001)
Track 5 previously unreleased
Track 6 from The Walls Are Whispering... Volume II CD (EE Tapes, 2004)
Track 7 from Forms Of Hands 02 CD (Hands, 2002)
Track 8 from Thisoriented CD (Thisco, 1996)
Track 9 from Maschinenfest 2001 2xCD (Pflichtkauf, 2001)
Track 10 from Knights Of Abyss CD (Abyss, 1995)
Track 11 from Exoskeleton 2 2CD (Possessive Blindfold, 1999)
Track 12 from Marteu De Verre CD (MDV, 1999)
Track 13 previously unreleased


P/W : vampi

ESA : How Pure Would Your Utopia Be? [2008]

The sophomore release of British musician Jamie Blacker’s solo project, ESA (Electronic Substance Abuse), shows that the positive critical reactions his debut offering were quite deserved and that the artist was still capable of improving the quality and creativity of his work. In a genre that is on the verge of becoming saturated, ESA has been gaining some well-deserved recognition by producing work that, though not flawless, stands well from the crowd and is sure to be remembered.

MORE ...

Less straightforward and in some stylistic aspects unexpectedly more subtle than the preceding album, in “How Pure Would Your Utopia Be?” ESA once more explores religious themes and their relation with the human condition – in particular in the darker corners of the mind. Not forgetting that part of the album is aimed at making people move on the dancefloor, a situation where any metaphorical subtleties are bound to be lost on the audience, ESA’s personal approach nevertheless skilfully eschews the obvious and the bombastic, instead leaving space for the listener to assemble the pieces of the aural puzzle and fill in the gaps with his own interpretation of the metaphors presented herein. With an overall epic feeling to it, there is also room for contrasting melancholy, a melancholy that becomes all too obvious in later tracks and where the artist shows how he has matured artistically since the previous album. Perhaps the true strength of “How Pure Would Your Utopia Be?” lies not so much in the more intensely rhythmic tracks (that roughly concentrate in the first part of the album) but rather in the calmer tracks, tracks that could be almost said to be laidback, if it wasn’t for the omnipresent feeling of underlying tension and, in a few tracks, hints of resignation.

01 Dialogue 3:39
02 Your Blood Is My Blood 4:27
03 Paradise Inside / Punishment Defined 4:57
04 Principals Of A Paradisic Resolve 6:15
05 Cursing 5:22
06 Absolute Utero 4:07
07 In Lust We Trust 5:55
08 How Pure Would Your Utopia Be? 5:43
09 Randomly Selected Drawbacks Of The Human Condition 6:52
10 Intense Deceit And A Thousand Empty Promises 6:14
11 You Do Not Belong Here 7:11


Monday, June 25, 2012

Striider : Heimweh [2012]

01. Ave!
02. Berlin I
03. In Trenches We Trust
04. Grebbeberg
05. Berlin II
06. Neu-Schwabenland
07. Trommelfeuer
08. Beelitz-Heilstätten Sanatorium
09. Groeten Uit Dietsland!


.: jijiji :.

Biosphere : Substrata [1997]

Only careful listeners would truly appreciate the timeless brilliance of this album. Listening from start to finish would equate to having read a brilliant book or visited many new horizons. This album is unique in every sense and proven pinnacle of the Ambient music genre. In addition to this, it's a great mix for testing the quality of a decent sound system.

MORE ...

01 As The Sun Kissed The Horizon 1:45
02 Poa Alpina 4:10
03 Chukhung 7:33
04 The Things I Tell You 6:29
05 Times When I Know You'll Be Sad 3:44
06 Hyperborea 5:48
07 Kobresia 7:10
08 Antennaria 5:06
09 Uva-Ursi 2:51
10 Sphere Of No-Form 5:56
11 Silene 7:56


Frozen Faces : They Who Became Enemies To Their Ancestors [1998]

MORE ...

A1 Each Man Kill... / Dull Days Among The Sheep 12:09
A2 The Ghetto Of Israel 2:24
A3 Everything That's Broken Is Beautiful 3:47
A4 V2 4:59
B1 Lina B Zombie 4:32
B2 Vultures 3:44
B3 Closer 3:18
B4 Swords Drawn In Anger 2:24
B5 Rock 'n' Roll Highschool 5:33
B6 Cyronix Contra Abortion 3:51


Neuntöter Der Plage : Doors Beyond Doors [2006]

Neuntöter der Plage is a chilling Death Industrial\Death Ambient with Black Metal-like vocals.

MORE ...

I Collaboration With The Presence 14:13
II The Bell Tolls, The Dead Crawl 11:46
III Pass Through Mirrors 8:29
IV Open The Door 9:17
V Restrained From The Light 12:52
VI Violet Chambers Of The Wraith 13:51

Limited to 124 hand-numbered copies.


Beyond Sensory Experience : Ratan [2003]

Third & final part of the BSE trilogy during 2003 !
It takes off where Urmula ended, spiralling further down the dark ambient soundscapes. wonderful dark ambient sounds with esoterical inspiration from Mr. Drakh (star of MZ.412) & the scientist K. Meizter , digipack plus booklet in the same vein of the 1st & 2nd album!

MORE ...

1 The Last Operation 3:56
2 Observing The Invisible 8:58
3 Inside Erasmus's Head 7:02
4 Future Directions 6:18
5 Anthem For A New Tomorrow 1:50
6 Numbers Rule The Universe 9:38
7 Time-Travellers' Dilemma 6:42
8 Ratan 6:26
9 The State Of The World 6:46


Les Joyaux De La Princesse : Aux Petits Enfants De France [1992]

1 Exode 13:43
2 Témoignage 2:02
3 Jours Sombres 7:49
4 Automne 1941 2:52
5 Le Tambour Des Orphelins 3:32
6 Hommage À L.Fouquet (Le Drapeau) 2:57
7 Le Petit Garçon 2:53
8 Dernier Editorial (Lesage) 3:10


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P·A·L : Signum (Box Set, Limited Edition) [1995]

MORE ...

01 Workout 2:44
02 Zeichen 4:06
03 Seduction (Anthro II) 4:08
04 Gelöbnis 3:35
05 Get Lost 4:22
06 Bewegung 3:51
07 Never Forget 2:50
08 Creed 6:34
09 Shiftwork (Activist Movement Mix) 5:31
10 Anthropophobia (Reprise) 1:10
11 All Systems Collapsed (Ext. Version) 3:27
12 Agitation 2:55
13 Concrete Rage (Vinal Version) 4:32
14 Cighid (Edit) 4:13
15 The Skunk 2 9:10

Arranged By  P·A·L
Artwork [Art Concept]  P·A·L
Artwork [Art Support] Økres Patlary
Co-producer, Mastered By  :wumpscut:
Photography By Salt
Written-By  P·A·L (tracks: 1 to 5, 7 to 15)

Recorded 1993-95 at Upper Meadow Field, Munich. Some overdubs were done at His Master's Studio, L.A.
Mastered & co-produced in L.A. by :wumpscut: 1995.

Boxset limited to 100 copies which included same CD, T-shirt, postcard and sticker. CD in boxset varies slightly from newer presses of CD in that CD face text layout is different as well as inlay text layout and design (older contact info, darker images, ant-zen logo different etc.).

Track 15 is a hidden bonus track.


Frozen Faces : Broken Sounds Of A Dying Culture [1997]

Frozen Faces is a side-project of Deutsch Nepal. The idea came to Lina Baby Doll when most of his equipment broke down, so he had to work with minimum devices and harsher sounds. A cassette, an LP and a 7" releases have been put out by his own label Entartete Musikk, while Frozen Faces has made his first-ever live appearance in London in 2001.

A1 Frozen Faces 4:56
A2 She's Floating Marble 1:57
A3 Dying Culture 7:11
A4 Solitude 7:54
B1 A Tool - Cleaning Up 8:39
B2 The Naked Eye 2:01
B3 Doors Closed To History 2:27
B4 History 4:08
B5 Never Trust Anyone 4:22

Limited edition 500 copies.


Mz.412 : Legion Ultra [2000]

A Untitled 5:16
B Untitled 4:34

Limited edition of 824 copies:
412 pressed on black vinyl, 412 pressed on white vinyl.


Grismannen : A Journey Through The Gain In Pain In The Brain Again & Again [1997]

A1 Rymdbajs
A2 Hallonbajs
A3 Du Heliga Bajs
A4 Lill+St+Rumpa
A5 Urs Med Urt
A6 Dadda, Dada, Pink Och Spad
A7 Salice In Wonderdaim
A8 Taffans Aga
A9 Balsa Mera Vera
B1 Acid-Do-Fill-Us
B2 Space Is An Illusion
B3 Fusioning Double Cluster Near Perseus
B4 Cor Caroli Is Far From Saiph
B5 Spatial Dimension
B6 Another Spatial Dimension


Ain Soph : Rituals [2003]

RITUALS is one of the first Ain Soph recordings since they released their first tapes in those years. Ain Soph 1, 2 and 3 (better known as "Crucifige") were the seminal recordings of this band which in those years was experimenting with sounds and magick rituals. The eight tracks are a sort of compilation of their first two tapes and represents one of the most amazing recordings of the first Ain Soph period. If you know them only for their later recordings (the ones released by Cthulhu as "Aurora") mind you that this is something totally different and "dangerous". Those were the days magazines in Italy started to talk about experimental ritualistic music. If you missed them, with RITUALS you've got the chance to catch a part of the spirit that was pushing a bunch of Roman guys toward the unknown...

MORE ...

01 Untitled 6:57
02 Untitled 5:36
03 Untitled 3:28
04 Untitled 3:42
05 Untitled 7:36
06 Untitled 4:35
07 Untitled 1:37
08 Untitled 4:15


Death In June + Les Joyaux De La Princesse : Östenbräun [1997]

01 Les Cavaliers Du Crépuscule 8:57
02 Heilige... 4:09
03 The Congress 3:05
04 SD XXI 1:22
05 Östenbräun (Collaboration I) 0:36
06 Nichts 3:38
07 Blood By Despair (Collaboration II) 10:52
08 Östenmarsch 3:41
09 A Röse For SD (After She's Dead) 3:24
10 Blood By Despair (Reprise) 2:11
11 Triumph Of The Will 0:13


Saturday, June 23, 2012

Imminent Starvation : Nord [1999]

MORE ...


Pneumatic Detach : Live Psychosis 2008

MORE ...

01 [ko·mor·bid] 5:23
02 Grinderscraper 2:43
03 Patternerase 4:46
04 Moment Already Gone 3:48
05 How You Forget 3:12
06 Down In The Earth 3:31
07 Embers 4:07
08 Experiments In Psychosis 3:16
09 Dischordant Live Mix 4:46
10 Slow Chatter 2:57
11 Moment Of Comprehension 4:14
12 Levanel 3:53

Recorded at The DNA Lounge in San Francisco, CA U.S.A on May 29th 2008 by Pneumatic Detach.


Zoviet France : Shouting at the Ground [1988]

Listening to :Zoviet*France is like dropping your brain into your washer and dryer, rebooting and surprisingly finding everything working perfectly again afterwards... It simply relaxes you, calms you down and allows you to notice the game of life from a fresh new way...In their own words, Zoviet France is an idiosyncratic collective of anonymous post-industrialists, dronologists, and pseudo-ethnomusicologists.

MORE ...

01 Smocking Erde 2:52
02 Palace Of Ignitions 2:14
03 Come To The Edge 8:50
04 Revenue Of Fire 2:06
05 Dybbuk 1:26
06 Camino Real 1:50
07 Stocc Blawers 2:22
08 Fickle Whistle, Hand Over Your Ears 3:35
09 Carole The Breedbate 1:47
10 Marrch Dynamic 2:48
11 Wind Thief 1:35
12 Shamany Enfluence 21:03
13 The Death Of Trees 15:14


Test Dept. : The Unacceptable Face Of Freedom [1986]

Test Dept were an industrial music group from London, one of the most important and influential early industrial music acts. Their approach was marked by a strong commitment to radical socialist politics.


Black Depths Grey Waves : Nightmare Of The Blackened Heart [2011]

Black Depths Grey Waves is a black occult industrial project from the sickened minds of Clint Listing (As All Die, Long Winters Stare, When Joy Becomes Sadness) and Saint Ov Gravediggers (Ordo Tyrannis, Grim Pig).

01. The Hunt For Greater Truth 22:13
02. 3rd Candle For The Fallen 16:36
03. Final Key To Pure Thought 05:39


P·A·L : Plugged / Live [1994]

MORE ...

A1 Workout 2:46
A2 Josef Reiserer's Dead 3:56
A3 Concrete-Noise-Nothing 4:36
A4 Career's End 3:30
A5 Spark A Venge 7:45

B1 Intro 2:42
B2 Terrible Hangdown 5:08
B3 Screech 4:23
B4 Shiftwork 5:27
B5 Concrete Rage/Outro 5:59

Special edition packaged in a special concrete-block edition (2 kg).
Limited to 20 copies.


Der Blutharsch : Der Sieg Des Lichtes Ist Des Lebens Heil! [1998]

It is hardly disputable that Albin Julius and his Der Blutharsch project have become a significant influence in the field of neo-folk and martial industrial. Indeed, when it comes to totalitarian aesthetics combined with Wagnerian bombast, things can hardly get better than 1998's mighty _Der Sieg des Lichtes ist des Lebens Heil!

This is Der Blutharsch both at its best and at its most accessible, a landmark of the genre that Herr Julius helped define and expand. _Der Sieg des Lichtes..._ displays a notable leaning towards a dark ambient sound, a possible leftover from his work on The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath a Cloud. Still, don't go looking for medieval mysticism here, but for an extensive amount of hypnotic, slowly developing musical landscapes, occasional melody and sampled speeches.

MORE ...

01 Untitled 2:53
02 Untitled 4:29
03 Untitled 2:57
04 Untitled 3:51
05 Untitled 0:59
06 Untitled 6:42
07 Untitled 2:09
08 Untitled 2:15
09 Untitled 5:06
10 Untitled 4:50
11 Untitled 0:53
12 Untitled 3:37
13 Untitled 4:34
14 Untitled 4:07
15 Untitled 2:56
16 Untitled 13:33


Arcana : Raspail [2008]

The emotional atmospheres evoked by Raspail are as invitingly shadowy and enticing as the lush green woodlands of the album’s booklet photography, and worlds apart from the callow melodramatics of the legions of darkness-fixated goth bands, who’d sell their souls to sound like Arcana if only they had the imagination. Raspail is highly recommended to all those whose inclinations towards the dark side are refracted through subtlety and intelligence.

MORE ...


Skin Area : Journal Noir / Lithium Path ( 2 x CD Limited Edition) [2006]

Epic. A word normally associated with film but applicable here to this release. Only instead of a Peter Jackson visual kaleidoscope this is more akin to an Andy Warhol five hour avant-garde production. A double CD release that leaves the listener with more questions than answers. And none the wiser despite repeated plays. The debate to its musical merits will continue for a long time. But will anyone really care in the end? The answer is that you all should. For this labour of love… years in the making… is one of the most challenging and perplexing releases of this, or even for that matter, any past and future releases.

What Martin Bladh (IRM) and Magnus Lindh, with contributions from Carl Abrahamsson, Anne-Marie Thim (Arcana) and others, has achieved with "Journal Noir / Lithium Path" is the ritual tearing up of the rule book. In comes a visionary alternative music updated for the ‘here and now’...

MORE ...

Journal Noir
1-1 Posthumous 15:16
1-2 Silverhall 6:41
1-3 Borderline 4:20
1-4 A Childish Confession 6:56
1-5 Blut Und Weintrauben 8:28
1-6 Journal: Noir 4:50
1-7 Doll At Play 1:17
1-8 Spiral Nerve 3:44
1-9 Choose Art, Not Life 7:33

Lithium Path
2-1 Into Bliss 9:33
2-2 Elvira 6:07
2-3 The Vivian Girls 4:12
2-4 Nostalgia 3:43
2-5 The Room 3:05
2-6 Lithium Path Pt. 1 8:53
2-7 Down The Third Conjunction 2:35
2-8 Lithium Path Pt. 2 7:57

Performer Magnus Lindh, Martin Bladh
Producer Devo Andersson (tracks: 1-1 to 2-1, 2-4 to 2-8), Bonum Hedin (tracks: 1-6, 1-9, 2-1, 2-3, 2-6, 2-8), Skin Area (tracks: 1-1 to 1-7, 1-9 to 2-2, 2-4 to 2-8)

Limited edition of 1000 copies in glossy cardboard foldout sleeve.


Beyond Sensory Experience : Urmula [2003]

MORE ...

1 A New Kind Of Science 7:21
2 Arbogast 4:50
3 The Two-Trace Problem 6:04
4 4:28
5 Celestial Disharmonies 5:46
6 Filth Discipline 6:31
7 Urmula 4:30
8 Curtains 9:03


Friday, June 22, 2012

P·A·L : m@rmx [1998]

A2 Amok-Koma 3:56
A3 Into The Tunnel 3:57
A4 Germanized Industry [Remix By Beefcake] 3:59
A5 T.A.E. [Remix By Kybernaut] 3:51
B1 Metrum [Remix By Imminent Starvation] 5:14
B2 Cyber Junkyard [Remix By Synapscape] 4:43
B3 T.A.E [Remix By Ultra Instinct] 4:44


IRM : Virgin Mind (2 × CD Limited Edition) [2005]

1-1 Janus 10:06
1-2 Aktion Anathem 5:57
1-3 Love Chamber: I 6:29
1-4 My Mother 3:38
1-5 Silver Bells 4:56
1-6 The Actor 3:59
1-7 Birth's Mark Of Cruelty 10:57
1-8 The Nervescales 10:51
2-1 Two Bodies 8:36
2-2 Love Chamber: II 10:55
2-3 Umbic Burns 5:19
2-4 Stage Lights 5:04
2-5 Revelation: Pure 6:21
2-6 Virgin Mind 12:24
2-7 Sebastian 7:32

Artwork [Blood Rorschach]  Martin Bladh
Mastered By Peter Andersson
Performer [Irm]  Erik Jarl, Martin Bladh
Photography By [Irm Aktion 5]  Hans T Sternudd

Recorded June 2001 to November 2002.
In a glossy cardboard gatefold sleeve.
Limited to 1000 copies.


Cataclyst : Monuments Of A Rubicund Age [2007]

MORE ...

1 The Gawds Are Still At Karnak I 3:48
2 The Verge Of Mortal Ground 5:25
3 Elwes In Sheeting Wind 4:32
4 Rubicund Age 3:49
5 Rubicund Cloister 3:24
6 The Serpent's Fang 2:16
7 The Gawds Are Still At Karnak II 3:40
8 Dwarfs In Hidden Realm (Short Mix) 10:29
9 As He Scourged The Earth (Wierd Mix) 5:27

Design [Graphic Treatment] Oleg Galay
Photography [Original Photos] Pavel Bourchenko
Recorded By Johanna Rosenqvist (tracks: 1 to 8), Peter Andersson (tracks: 1 to 8)
Remastered By Peter Andersson

Edition of 600 copies.

Remastered re-issue of the original CD-R + bonus track.


Les Joyaux De La Princesse : Douce France [1997]

"Douce France" is a hard judgement on the Allies and their bombings on French cities in the 1940s. The first side opens with a report on death and damage caused by the bombs, with voices talking about house destroyed, civilians killed and other disasters. While they talk, a subtle, frightening noise starts to rise, turns louder and louder, resembling the roar of bombers' engines. All of a sudden, a deep, obsessive, percussive noise explodes, like bombs being dropped all over the place, and all hell breaks loose. This is Les Joyaux De La Princesse's most effective and frightening record, if you play it loud you actually feel like being under a bombing. And it's not a pleasant sensation at all...

MORE ...

A. Messages 1940-1943: Edités Au Profit Des Victimes Des Bombardements Par "PATHE-MARCONI" 12:30
B. Derniers Messages: "Nous N'Avons Plus Rien A Nous Dire" 4:03

Edition of 555 hand numbered copies in die-cut folded sleeve sealed by banderole, including 4 postcards and insert. The sleeve comes with a stamp and is handsigned.

Track B ends in a lock groove.


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