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5F_55 : II [2002]

Their second full-length album on Hands is a fantastic trip to a different dimension, an altered reality, uncovering a wealth of hidden treasures buried in what at first sight seems to be just another rhythmic noise album.

Imagine Fritz Lang's METROPOLIS in its gorgeous black and white original print; let a part of yourself become a center of this furious movement, a man-machine dance with all the vigor and romanticism of futurism. glorious unity, the steel and the muscles moving in unison (the rhythm does not dominate, it propels, pushes forward); bold impressionist contrasts (in the form of explosive bass-saturated breaks), fast cuts of montage (hissing outburst of steam, a muscular back, a grinding part of the engine, a striking hammer). The ultimate totalitarian triumph, the blinding light of the absolute that unites millions. Meanwhile, a part of you that stayed in the present notices an increasing sense of absurd, an underlying feel of burlesque that quickly moves into the realm of endearingly naive sci-fi b-movies (this part is most obvious during 5F_55's live sets). And yet another level of consciousness notices the rising inhuman aggression, the mechanized self-sufficient purity, threatening to sweep you away.


Much like the sci-fi classic itself, the album works on these contrasts - intensity of percussion and layers upon layers of stumbling, stuttering, jumping noises - a mouth-watering mess of tweaked, crumbling sound artifacts.

Not that many musicians are able to creatively interpret the intensity of rhythmic noise genre, even fewer of them are able to do it on the level of 5F_55 in terms of production and complexity, and almost no one sets your imagination on this exhilarating path of discovery, remembrance and reinterpretation.

01 4D6F 4E4B 4:19
02 4A6F 4749 2054 4563 6:47
03 4D61 4420 446F 4E4E 41 6:26
04 5343 6872 416E 44 5:23
05 4D4F 7265 4C65 737A 7:46
06 4655 6D46 4148 6:55
07 4D4F 6A4F 4:58
08 4C75 7068 41 5:01
09 4E75 4576 4F 7:33
10 4B41 7441 68 6:35
11 4170 794F 46 5:44
12 4175 7448 456E 7472 6F 5:16


SmartPac packaging.

Hologram stickers on CD and cover.

Tracknames are written in hexadecimal. If you convert them from hexadecimal to ASCII you'll get the real track names.

Decoded track names:
01. MoNK
02. JoGI TEc
03. MaD DoNNA
04. SChrAnD
05. MOreLesz
06. FUmFAH
07. MOjO
08. LuphA
09. NuEvO
10. KAtAh
11. ApyOF
12. AutHEntro

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