Friday, October 2, 2009

Brighter Death Now : Breaking Down Nihil [2009]

1 Innerwar (6:00)
2 I Wanna Die (5:06)
3 Oh What A Night (6:10)
4 First Floor (6:50)
5 Dödsambient (9:52)
6 There Is Nothing Left In This World (7:36)

Notes: This release was made to support the Russian shows of Brighter Death Now tour "Breaking Down Nihil!" which took place in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg in September 2009. It is limited to 150 copies and intended for sale on these shows only. Tracks 1-2 featuring Anthesteria & Lamia Vox. Tracks 3-4-5-6 featuring Bardoseneticcube & 414. Those contributors have played on-stage with BDN in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg respectively. Tracks versions presented on this release have been recorded and mixed by the artists in their studios during preparations for the live shows using BDN original backgrounds as the source tracks.

>>DOWNLOAD : Breaking Down Nihil

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