Monday, October 26, 2009

Empusae : Mortusae [2009]

01. Agony (Misere I)
02. Out Of Question (Misere II)
03. God
04. Masterslave
05. Knowledge
06. Oorlog
07. Fantasm I
08. Fantasm II
09. The Binding of Destruction
10. Beauty Of Decay
11. They're So Sweet
12. Ritual Evil
13. Game Of Confession

CD 2
01. Extra-Muros
02. Resurrection
03. Epiceas
04. Dark Alchemy
05. Ceremony (Empusae vs Converter)
06. Melkor
07. Tenebris For The Unborn (Live at Mfest 08 feat. Thomas Hein and Xabec)
08. Niflheim (Godlike) (Live at Mfest 08 feat. Synapscape)
09. Entering Oblivion (Live at Mfest 08 feat. Roger Rotor and Salt)

CD1 track 1-9 and CD2 track 1+3 previously released by Divine Comedy Records
CD1 track 10-14 and CD2 track 4 previously released by Sub.Session.Media
CD2 track 2 previously released by Casterman
CD2 track 5 previously released by Geska Records
CD2 track 6 previously released by Tesla

Mastering at Revolt(t) - Belgium
All tracks composed, performed and recorded by Sal-Ocin at different Mortusae locations in the past except CD2 track 7,8 and 9 at Maschinenfest 2008
Converter, Synapscape, Roger Rotor and Salt appear courtesy of Ant-Zen

In terms of variety, this is the most diverse compilation by one artist I've ever listened to in a long time. Various styles/genres exist within the compilation as well as the individual tracks themselves: from dark ambient to power noise. Simply incredible from start to finish. One of the best coming out this year so far.   [sk@ds]


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