Monday, September 7, 2009

Isomer : Face Towards The Sun [2009]

01 Intro
02 Rain, Fire
03 Restless Divinity
04 Horse Head
05 Fire Front
06 Sins Of Freedom
07 The Fog Of This World
08 Face Toward The Sun
09 Poison The Well
10 Cabin Fever
11 Dawn Chorus

Isomer's third CD with Tesco takes a sharp turn toward more  
aggressive territory, with the raw industrial hinted at in
previous outings getting a proper airing. The dark ambient
textures for which he is known still feature, but Face Toward
the Sun forges new stylistic ground for the project.
From the throbbing electronics of the opening track, through
power electronics, walls of noise, violent vocal deliveries and
carefully structured dark ambience, this is a characteristically
varied album. Never one to shy from a dirty old blending of
styles, a nice little martial ditty even makes an appearance for
the militant in all of us. Face Toward the Sun was assembled
from improvisations, previously unused material and nights of
MS-20 hard-ons, making a lusty, varied album of industrial
Some of the tracks here has been already presented on the well
received DVD Cold Meat Live in Australia, where Isomer delivered
one of the most surprising gigs of the festival. The studio
versions of the tracks here will appeal to listeners of martial
industrial as well as to an industrial dark ambient audience.
Presented in a double gatefold digipack with potent imagery.

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