Monday, August 3, 2009

Slayv Axis : The Void [2009]

01. Slayv Axis - Aftermath = Human Holocaust
02. Slayv Axis - Music Not From The Original Techno Club
03. Slayv Axis - The Void
04. Slayv Axis - Left For Dead
05. Slayv Axis - Neozone
06. Slayv Axis - Savage Nation
07. Slayv Axis - Desolate
08. Slayv Axis - Septic Structure: 4/4
09. Slayv Axis - Savage Nation (NES Remix)
10. Slayv Axis - Paul Revere
11. Slayv Axis - Abyss Of Emptyness
12. Mordacious - Secrets (Slayv Axis Remix)
13. Fatal Rupture - Seven (Slayv Axis Remix)
14. C/A/T - Parasite (Slayv Axis Remix)
15. Iacon - Psychogorilla (Slayv Axis Remix)
16. Schultz - Deviance Sexuelles (Slayv Axis Remix)
17. Noise Program - Your Smashed Face (Slayv Axis Remix)

Hard-hitting, evil Power Noise from this US artist. Sounds like W.A.S.T.E + To Mega Therion + Pneumatic Detach in places. This new generation of US Power Noise artists seems to re-invent and re-vitalize the genre with their somewhat unique style. (However, this album includes some Slayv Axis' remixes of songs by mostly artists in Hellectro/Terror EBM style - that many smart asses mistakenly call Dark Electro - which should be skipped because they are a bore due to the you-know-what elements of the original songs from which the remixes are taken).    



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