Thursday, July 23, 2009

Deutsch Nepal : Erosion [2009] | Remastered

01 Erosion
02 Surgery II
03 Collapsing Surface
04 How Long...
05 You're Just A Toy
06 Static
07 Faint Retard

This probably the most depressing Deutsch Nepal album, earlier
released as a limited edition by Staalplaat company, now has
again become available to a wide audience. Genial project author
Der General has made a remark sometime ago that during the
recording of Erosion there persisted the feeling that this is
the last work of Deutsch Nepal after which nothing will
remain... perhaps only death. This almost came true as Deutsch
Nepal went silent after the recording for nearly 10 years. Now
the masterpiece of melancholy clad in an elegant digipack (the
design was made by the author himself) and with an enhanced
sound triumphantly opens the golden worlds to the audience
again. The worlds where breathing becomes harder each moment and
where you feel only a small useless toy.
Autarkeia together with Lina Baby Doll is going to re-release
two brilliant masterpieces of industrial culture. After all
those years Deutsch Nepal "Tolerance" goldenCD and Deutsch Nepal
"Erosion" goldenCD will appear re-mastered in elegant digies
designed by Der General.

>>DOWNLOAD :  Erosion

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