Saturday, September 6, 2008

Sect : Great Desired Utopia [2007]

01. Thy Legions Come
02. Here Is No Salvation
03. Armament Race Part I ( Doctrine In Practice )
04. Armament Race Part II ( Prepare For Seldestruction )
05. Breath
06. Reconstruction Of Human Nature
07. Last Command
08. Dusk
09. I ( Slaves Constitution )
10. Never Ending War
11. They Dying For Idea

12. Product
13. Machine's Amok
14. All That Ages
15. This Is Not The End

"Sect is the project Lukasz Maj and musically can be regarded as a fusion of oppressive mechanical industrial, military rhythms and ambient. The essence of the album Great Desired Utopia is the confrontation of human’s development with unrestrained lust for power and domination. Sounds interesting, but musically it is even more interesting. The album is divided in two parts. Part one is called Great Desired Utopia and the second Machine’s Amok. On both parts Lukasz manages to create a well-balanced claustrophobic, dark, threatening and intense mind-trip. The two parts combine very well and in between there’s a well deserved rest with the beautiful dreamlike tune Dusk which gives listener some time to breath. If I should a reference: it reminds me a bit of Melek-tha but Sect manages to be original and interesting throughout the entire album. Poland again manages to surprise me with a superb and original act. This album is pure gold and is recommended to every fan of this genre!"

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