Friday, March 21, 2008

Wumpscut: Schaedlingsbox [2008]

Limited Edition (1515 copies only) Box Set version of the new
Wumpscut album "Schadling". This version comes presented in a
glossy laminated card-box and contains several exclusive :W:
items including the following:

- Exclusive Wumpscut Heavy Quality Poloshirt (in XL or Medium:
email us your choice!)
- 2CD ("Schadling" Main CD & Remix Cd) in SACD Packaging (DVD
- Booklet in Parchment / Transparent Style (outside) / Extended
- Flip Tray
- Flag (1000x1200 mm - full colored)
- Fridge Magnet (80x54 mm - super heavy)
- Poster (A1-sized)
- Calendar (A1-sized/May 08 to April 09)
- Sticker
- Postcard (A5-sized)
Also this year, Wumpscut launched the popular :W: Remix contest
where fans we're invited to deliver their own remix of the song
"Rifki" from the new album. The chosen versions came from
Mechanimal Canicals (Russia), K-U-T-T (Germany), Advent
Resilience (Netherlands) and Jose Papa (Brasil). The first three
mentioned have been included on the SchΣdling remix album (part
of the Schadlingsbox), while Remix 4 comes as a bonus download.
Additionally the Remix CD also features Remixes by Der
Blutharsch, Yendri, Cerebral Apoplexy, Recently Deceased and more.




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