Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Stratvm Terror : This Is My Own Hell [2008]

1. ...
2. In Oblivion
3. Unveiled Is My Skin
4. In God We Do Not Trust
5. Walk With Fire
6. No Redemption No Remorse
7. My Hell
8. Now Ever Sleep

Welcoming the return of Peter Andersson (Raison D'etre, Necrophorous) and Tobias Larsson (Ocean Chief), Existence Establishment and Reverse Alignment present "This is My Own Hell" with over
an hour's worth of the darkest, bleakest industrial soundscapes these artists have delivered. Spanning minimalist dark ambience to doomed industrial passages Stratvm Terror portrays an absolutely hopeless atmosphere of pure desolation. With artwork featuring the paintings of Mia Mäkilä, "This is My Own Hell" may just be your own pleasure.




P/W : rbk
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